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Frontiers of Physics

Front. Phys.    2018, Vol. 13 Issue (5) : 134101
Perfect invisibility concentrator with simplified material parameters
Meng-Yin Zhou1, Lin Xu1, Lu-Chan Zhang1, Jiang Wu2, Yan-Bo Li2(), Huan-Yang Chen1()
1. Institute of Electromagnetics and Acoustics and Department of Electronic Science, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China
2. Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China
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We present a series of invisibility concentrators with simplified material parameters beyond transformation optics. One of them can achieve the perfect invisible effect at frequencies of Fabry–Pérot resonances, while others have very small scattering. The required materials are feasible in practice. Analytical calculations and numerical simulations confirm the functionalities of these devices.

Keywords perfect-invisibility concentrator      simplified material parameters      Fabry–Pérot resonances      scattering cross section     
Corresponding Authors: Yan-Bo Li,Huan-Yang Chen   
Issue Date: 08 June 2018
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Meng-Yin Zhou,Lin Xu,Lu-Chan Zhang, et al. Perfect invisibility concentrator with simplified material parameters[J]. Front. Phys. , 2018, 13(5): 134101.
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Meng-Yin Zhou
Lin Xu
Lu-Chan Zhang
Jiang Wu
Yan-Bo Li
Huan-Yang Chen
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