Call for papers

Call for Papers

Special issue on Biophotonics in Europe

Guest Editors:

Ekaterina Borisova
Institute of Electronics,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria 


Małgorzata Jędrzejewska-Szczerska
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics, Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland


Martin J. Leahy
National Biophotonics and Imaging Platform Ireland; Chair of Applied Physics, School of Physics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland


Francesco S. Pavone
European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) , Sesto Fiorentino, Italy


Juergen Popp
Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena; Institute of Physical Chemistry & Abbe Center of Photonics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany


Jose Pozo
Director of Technology and Innovation, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium, Netherlands


Valery V. Tuchin
Saratov National Research State University n.a. N.G. Chernyshevsky; National Research Tomsk State University, Institute of Precision Mechanics and Control of RAS, Russia


Nowadays, the necessity to gather information of a wide range of parameters appears to be crucial in many fields. It is especially important in medicine, health monitoring, and telemedicine. During last years, biophotonics has gained popularity in those areas because of their unique advantages: relatively simple configuration, high resolution, potentially low cost and possibility of providing easy control and acquisition of measurement data.

A new Special Issue focusing on Optoelectronics Biophotonics in Europe of Frontiers of Optoelectronics will highlight achievements in biophotonics in this continent. We solicit papers that report on major developments and applications in the fields of biophotonics that have a significant impact.

We encourage submission of original research works, reviews, especially in the following topics:

The key topical areas are:
 ●   Biomedical imaging
 ●   Nonlinear microscopy
 ●   Modeling of light propagation in turbid tissue-like scattering media
 ●   Tissue polarimetry
 ●   Light-tissue interactions
 ●   Tissue biopsy
 ●   Cancer diagnosis and tissue characterization
 ●   Tissue optical clearing
 ●   Biophotonic sensors
 ●   Raman sensing and imaging
 ●   Nanoprobes and nanoparticles in biophotonics

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2017
Please submit your papers online via or by email to the guest editors and



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