Promotes interchange of ideas between environmental scientists and engineers in China and around the world
 Offers a broad blend of reviews and surveys, research papers, policy analysis, viewpoints and short communications
 Covers all main branches of environmental science and engineering 

Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering (FESE) is an international journal for researchers interested in a wide range of environmental disciplines. The journal's aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all main branches of environmental science & engineering. The journal emphasizes papers in developing fields, as well as papers showing the interaction between environmental disciplines and other disciplines.

FESE is a bi-monthly journal. Its peer-reviewed contents consist of a broad blend of reviews, research papers, policy analyses, short communications, and opinions. Nonscheduled “special issue” and "hot topic", including a review article followed by a couple of related research articles, are organized to publish novel contributions and breaking results on all aspects of environmental field.

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