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Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering

Front. Agr. Sci. Eng.    2019, Vol. 6 Issue (3) : 265-272
Genetic improvement of wheat grain quality at CIMMYT
Global Wheat Program, The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Texcoco C.P. 56237, Mexico
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The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) is the global leader in publicly-funded maize and wheat research and in farming systems based on these crops. CIMMYT leads the Global Wheat Program (GWP), which includes some of the largest wheat breeding programs in the world. The GWP has been successful in developing wheat germplasm that is used extensively worldwide. Wheat quality improvement is a central component of all the breeding efforts at CIMMYT and the Wheat Chemistry and Quality Laboratory represents an integral part of the breeding programs. Wheat quality is addressed at CIMMYT over the full range of this very wide and variable concept with milling, processing, end-use and nutritional quality targeted. Wheat progenitors and advanced lines developed by the breeders are assessed for diverse quality attributes, with the aim of identifying those that fulfill the requirements in terms of milling, processing, end-use and nutritional quality in different target regions. Significant research is conducted to make more efficient the integration of wheat quality traits in the breeding programs. The main topics being addressed are (1) methodologies to analyze grain quality traits, (2) genetic control and environmental effects on quality traits, (3) characterization of genetic resources for quality improvement, and (4) diversifying grain properties for novel uses.

Keywords biofortification      breeding      grain quality      wheat     
Corresponding Authors: Carlos GUZMáN   
Just Accepted Date: 12 April 2019   Online First Date: 08 May 2019    Issue Date: 26 July 2019
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Carlos GUZMáN,Karim AMMAR,Velu GOVINDAN, et al. Genetic improvement of wheat grain quality at CIMMYT[J]. Front. Agr. Sci. Eng. , 2019, 6(3): 265-272.
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Carlos GUZMáN
End-use type Products Grain type Gluten type
1 Pan breads Hard Strong and extensible (alveograph W>300; P/L<1.3)
2a Leavened breads, two-layer flat breads, dry and fresh noodles Hard Medium-strong and extensible (alveograph W>200; P/L<1.1)
2b Steamed bread (northern Chinese style) Hard Medium-strong and extensible (alveograph W>200; P/L<1.1)
3 Dense and flat breads Hard Medium-weak and extensible (alveograph W= 150–200; P/L<1.0)
4a Steamed bread (southern Chinese style) and white-salted noodles Soft Strong-medium and extensible (alveograph W>200; P/L<1.1)
4b Biscuits and cakes Soft Weak and extensible (alveograph W<100; P/L<0.7)
5 Household use or utility wheat Hard or soft Weak (in hard grain genotypes) (alveograph W<150) and tenacious gluten (P/L>1.3)
Tab.1  End-use type classification to facilitate breeding at CIMMYT
Cultivar Country Year Pedigree
Zinc Shakti (Chitra) India 2012 CROC1/AE.SQUARROSA (210)//INQALAB91*2/KUKUNA/3/
Zincol 2016 Pakistan 2016 OASIS/SKAUZ//4*BCN/3/2*PASTOR/4/T.SPELTAPI348449/5/BACEU#1/6/
WB02 India 2017 T. DICOCCON, CI9309/AE.SQUARROSA (409)//MUTUS/3/2*MUTUS
HPBW-01 India 2017 T. DICOCCON, CI9309/AE.SQUARROSA (409)//MUTUS/3/2*MUTUS
Bari Gom 33 Bangladesh 2017 KACHU/SOLALA
Tab.2  Wheat biofortified cultivars released
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