Landscape Architecture Frontiers (LA Frontiers), a bimonthly journal launched in February, 2013, is co-published by Higher Education Press and Peking University, and administered by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Professor Kongjian Yu is the Editor-in-Chief.

Landscape is a complex made up of land and objects on it, and a system developed by interaction between nature and human-beings. Landscape Architecture is a discipline covering theories, approaches, techniques and arts concerning analysis, changes and management of landscape. LA Frontiers puts its focus on the intersecting spheres of academic research and design practice in Landscape Architecture, discussing new ideas, concepts, theories, and approaches that address environmental and ecological issues through landscape architecture. Advocating new aesthetics and new culture that benefit the beauty of China and the world by introducing and promoting most recent practices of landscape planning and design, LA Frontiers hopes to act as a bridge connecting research and social needs, science and art, promoting the disciplinary development. The journal’s audience includes researchers and professional architects, faculties and students, policy makers in related fields and experts in both urban and rural environmental construction.

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