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Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Front Optoelec    2013, Vol. 6 Issue (4) : 468-471
Tunable and programmable fiber ring laser based on digital-controlled chirped fiber Bragg grating
Huiqi LIAO, Ming TANG(), Hailiang ZHANG, Yiwei XIE
National Engineering Laboratory of Next Generation Internet Access Networks (NGIA), School of Optical and Electronic Information, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China
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This paper proposed and experimentally demonstrated an all-fiber tunable and programmable bandpass filter using a linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating (CFBG). The center wavelength and spacing of the transmission peaks could be independently tuned via computer. The tunable range is about 18 nm. With this filter we demonstrated a tunable fiber ring laser which has an output power of about -7 dBm, full-width at half-maximum linewidth of ~0.017 nm which is limited by the resolution of the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA). Furthermore, a spacing tunable dual-wavelength fiber laser was achieved with the same setup. This all-fiber laser features advantages like simple structure, low cost, flexible and digital tuning capability.

Keywords chirped fiber Bragg grating (CFBG)      tunable filter      fiber ring laser      phase shift     
Corresponding Author(s): TANG Ming,   
Issue Date: 05 December 2013
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Huiqi LIAO,Ming TANG,Hailiang ZHANG, et al. Tunable and programmable fiber ring laser based on digital-controlled chirped fiber Bragg grating[J]. Front Optoelec, 2013, 6(4): 468-471.
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Huiqi LIAO
Hailiang ZHANG
Yiwei XIE
Fig.1  Schematic diagram of proposed tunable and programmable filter
Fig.2  Transmission peak of filter induced by heating position
Fig.3  Relationship between wavelength of transmission peak and heating position along LCFBG
Fig.4  Multiple transmission peaks of filter
Fig.5  Schematic setup of tunable fiber ring laser
Fig.6  Output laser spectrum. (a) Single wavelength lasing operation; (b) dual-wavelength lasing operation
Fig.7  Relationship between wavelength separation and spacing of two heating points
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