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Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Front Optoelec    2013, Vol. 6 Issue (4) : 440-447
Selective growth and characterization of ZnO nanorods assembled a hexagonal pattern on H2-decomposed GaN epilayer
Yu TIAN1,2, Huiquan CHEN2, Xiaolong ZHU1(), Guang ZHENG1, Jiangnan DAI2
1. Department of Physics, Jianghan University, Wuhan 430056, China; 2. Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China
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This paper reported a simple and effective method for fabricating and patterning highly ordered ZnO nanorod arrays on H2-decomposed GaN epilayer via hydrothermal route. The edge of pattern, which has been decomposed by H2 flow, provides appropriate nucleation sites for the selective-growth of aligned ZnO nanorods. The density of ZnO nanorod arrays assembled the hexagonal pattern can be tuned by varying the solution concentrations, growth time and reaction temperatures. The results have demonstrated that the ZnO nanorods are highly uniform in diameter and height with perfect alignment and are epitaxially grown along [0001] direction. This work provides a novel and accessible route to prepare oriented and aligned ZnO nanorod arrays pattern. And the aligned ZnO nanorods form an ideal hexagonal pattern that might be used in many potential applications of ZnO nanomaterials.

Keywords ZnO nanorod      GaN epilayer      hexagonal pattern      hydrothermal     
Corresponding Author(s): ZHU Xiaolong,   
Issue Date: 05 December 2013
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Yu TIAN,Huiquan CHEN,Xiaolong ZHU, et al. Selective growth and characterization of ZnO nanorods assembled a hexagonal pattern on H2-decomposed GaN epilayer[J]. Front Optoelec, 2013, 6(4): 440-447.
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Huiquan CHEN
Xiaolong ZHU
Jiangnan DAI
Fig.1  (a) Top-view of the patterned and aligned ZnO nanorod arrays on the H-decomposed GaN epilayer grown by hydrothermal reaction; (b, c) top-view and 30° tilt view nanorods assembled a hexagonal pattern; (d, e) other nanorods distributed perpendicular to the GaN epilayer surface without regular distribution
Fig.2  (a) XRD pattern of ZnO nanorod arrays on the H-decomposed GaN epilayer; (b) HRTEM image of a single ZnO nanorod confirming growth along the [0001] direction, inset is a low-resolution bright-field TEM image of the corresponding single ZnO nanorod where the area of analysis is indicated by the black circle
Fig.3  Patterned ZnO nanorod arrays on H-decomposed GaN epilayer growing at different solution concentrations, growth times and reaction temperatures. (A, A) 0.002 and 0.01 mol/L, 105°C for 2 h; (B, B) 4 and 7 h, 0.05 mol/L for 105°C; (C, C) 125 and 160°C, 0.05 mol/L for 4 h; (D, D) SEM images of ZnO nanorod growing on GaN epilayer without decomposition
samplesconcentration/(mol?L-1)growth time/htemperature/°C
Tab.1  Experimental conditions of ZnO nanorod growing at different solution concentration, growth time and reaction temperature
Fig.4  (a) Schematic of fabrication of patterned ZnO nanorod arrays pattern on H-decomposed GaN epilayer; (b) SEM image of a hexagonal pattern has been obtained by H decomposed; (c) SEM image of ZnO nanorod arrays grown at the edge of the hexagonal pattern
Fig.5  (a) PL spectrum of patterned ZnO nanorod arrays grow on H-decomposed GaN epilayer; (b) PL spectra of other samples grown on different experiments
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