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Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering

Front. Chem. Sci. Eng.    2020, Vol. 14 Issue (6) : 948-955
Noble-metal-free cobalt hydroxide nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic oxidation
Jie Lan, Daizong Qi, Jie Song(), Peng Liu, Yi Liu, Yun-Xiang Pan()
Institute of Nano Biomedicine and Engineering, Shanghai Engineering Research Centre for Intelligent Diagnosis and Treatment Instrument, Department of Instrument Science and Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
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Cobalt hydroxide has been emerging as a promising catalyst for the electrocatalytic oxidation reactions, including the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and glucose oxidation reaction (GOR). Herein, we prepared cobalt hydroxide nanoparticles (CoHP) and cobalt hydroxide nanosheets (CoHS) on nickel foam. In the electrocatalytic OER, CoHS shows an overpotential of 306 mV at a current density of 10 mA·cm–2. This is enhanced as compared with that of CoHP (367 mV at 10 mA·cm–2). In addition, CoHS also exhibits an improved performance in the electrocatalytic GOR. The improved electrocatalytic performance of CoHS could be due to the higher ability of the two-dimensional nanosheets on CoHS in electron transfer. These results are useful for fabricating efficient catalysts for electrocatalytic oxidation reactions.

Keywords electrocatalytic oxidation      cobalt hydroxide      nanosheet      water      glucose     
Corresponding Author(s): Jie Song,Yun-Xiang Pan   
Just Accepted Date: 09 March 2020   Online First Date: 09 April 2020    Issue Date: 11 September 2020
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Jie Lan,Daizong Qi,Jie Song, et al. Noble-metal-free cobalt hydroxide nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic oxidation[J]. Front. Chem. Sci. Eng., 2020, 14(6): 948-955.
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Jie Lan
Daizong Qi
Jie Song
Peng Liu
Yi Liu
Yun-Xiang Pan
Fig.1  SEM images of (a) CoHP, (b) CoHS, (c) XRD patterns of CoHP and CoHS, and (d) Co 2p XPS spectrum for CoHS.
Fig.2  (a) LSV curves; (b) Tafel slopes; (c) EIS spectra for the catalysts; (d) LSV curves of the CoHS before and after 1000 CV cycles.
Fig.3  (a) CV curves of different catalysts; (b) the i-t curve of CoHS with the consecutive addition of glucose; (c) the calibration curve of CoHS for the electrocatalytic GOR; (d) daily CV curves of CoHS for two weeks, with the inset showing the daily oxidation peak potential values for two weeks.
Fig.4  (a) CV curves of CoHS in scan rates from 10 to 90 mV·s–1 in a 0.1 mol·L–1 NaOH solution with 2.0 mmol·L–1 glucose; (b) corresponding plots of oxidation and reduction peak currents obtained from the CV curves vs. scan rate. The i-t curves with the consecutive addition of: (c) glucose, AA, UA, CC and (d) glucose, lactose, fructose, sucrose.
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