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Editors: Erik C. Neyts

Over the past 20 years, plasma nanoscience has become a mature and vibrant field. It deals with both the fundamental science and applications of low-temperature plasmas, ion beams, lasers, and related approaches and how this relates to the fabrication, synthesis, modification, and integration in and of nanoscale materials, structures and functional devices. The complexity often encountered in research in this field intrinsically calls for both fundamental and applied research, both experimental and theoretical. Plasma nanoscience, therefore, is a highly multidisciplinary field, bringing together researchers from physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering, biochemistry, informatics and more.

This Special Issue in Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering themed “The Future of Plasma Nanoscience” is the direct result of the iPlasmaNano-VIII conference held in 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium. This edition focused on modeling and simulation of fundamental processes, plasma nanocatalysis, plasma medicine, nanomaterials and plasmas for micro-electronics.