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Landscape Architecture Frontiers

Landsc Archit Front    2013, Vol. 1 Issue (6) : 76-101
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Special Focus on 2013 Geodesign International Conference
Luqi WANG, Mengxi LI, Xiaojie HAN, Yao YAO, Xu ZHANG, Xianming TU, Tina TIAN, Xia LI
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28th~29th October, 2013, the Geodesign International Conference was held in Peking University. The conference included keynote speeches, lighting talks and conference proceedings, discussing the geodesign's concept, framework, promise and practice around the theme “Geodesign: Maximinzing Beneficial Impacts”. This article collects the important speeches of this conference.

Keywords Geodesign      Maximizing Beneficial Impacts      Theory      Practice      Peking University     
Issue Date: 01 December 2013
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Luqi WANG,Xianming TU,Tina TIAN, et al. Special Focus on 2013 Geodesign International Conference[J]. Landsc Archit Front, 2013, 1(6): 76-101.
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Xianming TU
Xia LI
Mengxi LI
Xiaojie HAN
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