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Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Front. Optoelectron.    2019, Vol. 12 Issue (2) : 165-173
Design and analysis of high birefringence and nonlinearity with small confinement loss photonic crystal fiber
Rekha SAHA, Md. Mahbub HOSSAIN(), Md. Ekhlasur RAHAMAN, Himadri Shekhar MONDAL
Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna 9208, Bangladesh
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High birefringence with low confinement loss photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has significant advantages in the field of sensing, dispersion compensation devices, nonlinear applications, and polarization filter. In this report, two different models of PCFs are presented and compared. Both the models contain five air holes rings with combination of circular and elliptical air holes arrangement. Moreover, the elliptical shaped air holes polarization and the third ring air holes rotational angle are varied. To examine different guiding characteristics, finite element method (FEM) with perfectly matched layer (PML) absorbing boundary condition is applied from 1.2 to 1.8 µm wavelength range. High birefringence, low confinement loss, high nonlinearity, and moderate dispersion values are successfully achieved in both the PCFs models. Numeric analysis shows that model-1 gives higher birefringence (2.75 × 102) and negative dispersion (−540.67 ps/(nm·km)) at 1.55 µm wavelength. However, model-2 gives more small confinement loss than model-1 at the same wavelength. In addition, the proposed design demonstrates the variation of rotation angle has great impact to enhance guiding properties especially the birefringence.

Keywords birefringence      dispersion      polarization maintaining      photonic crystal fiber (PCF)      polarization-selective devices      polarization     
Corresponding Author(s): Md. Mahbub HOSSAIN   
Just Accepted Date: 27 September 2018   Online First Date: 18 February 2019    Issue Date: 03 July 2019
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Rekha SAHA,Md. Mahbub HOSSAIN,Md. Ekhlasur RAHAMAN, et al. Design and analysis of high birefringence and nonlinearity with small confinement loss photonic crystal fiber[J]. Front. Optoelectron., 2019, 12(2): 165-173.
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Rekha SAHA
Md. Mahbub HOSSAIN
Md. Ekhlasur RAHAMAN
Himadri Shekhar MONDAL
Fig.1  Cross-section of the proposed PCFs. (a) Model-1; (b) model-2
Fig.2  Optical field distribution of the proposed PCFs. (a) x-polarization, (b) y-polarization for model-1; (c) x-polarization, (d) y-polarization for model-2
Fig.3  Refractive index (real part) with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1
Fig.4  Refractive index (real part) with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-2
Fig.5  Refractive index (imaginary part) with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1 and model-2
Fig.6  Birefringence with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1
Fig.7  Birefringence with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-2
Fig.8  Dispersion with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1, x-polarization
Fig.9  Dispersion with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-2, x-polarization
Fig.10  Confinement loss with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1
Fig.11  Confinement loss with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-2
Fig.12  Effective area with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1
Fig.13  Effective area with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-2
Fig.14  Nonlinear coefficient with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-1
Fig.15  Nonlinear coefficient with respect to wavelength for proposed PCF model-2
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