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Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Front. Optoelectron.    2019, Vol. 12 Issue (1) : 97-110
Fiber-based optical trapping and manipulation
Hongbao XIN, Baojun LI()
Institute of Nanophotonics, Jinan University, Guangzhou 511443, China
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An optical fiber serves as a versatile tool for optical trapping and manipulation owing to its many advantages over conventional optical tweezers, including ease of fabrication, compact configurations, flexible manipulation capabilities, ease of integration, and wide applicability. Here, we review recent progress in fiber-based optical trapping and manipulation, which includes mainly photothermal-based and optical-force-based trapping and manipulation. We focus on five topics in our review of progress in this area: massive photothermal trapping and manipulation, evanescent-field-based trapping and manipulation, dual-fiber tweezers for single-nanoparticle trapping and manipulation, single-fiber tweezers for single-particle trapping and manipulation, and single-fiber tweezers for multiple-particle/cell trapping and assembly.

Keywords optical trapping      photothermal effect      optical force      cell trapping and assembly     
Corresponding Author(s): Baojun LI   
Just Accepted Date: 30 October 2017   Online First Date: 29 November 2017    Issue Date: 29 April 2019
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Hongbao XIN,Baojun LI. Fiber-based optical trapping and manipulation[J]. Front. Optoelectron., 2019, 12(1): 97-110.
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Hongbao XIN
Baojun LI
Fig.1  Overall description of fiber-based optical trapping and manipulation. Both photothermal effect and optical force can be used for optical trapping and manipulation. Massive photothermal trapping and manipulation can be achieved using subwavelength diameter optical fiber (SDF) and tapered optical fiber (TF). For optical force based trapping and manipulation, the evanescent field at the surface of SDF can be used, and the optical force from dual fiber tweezers (DFTs) and single fiber tweezers (SFTs) can be used for single particle trapping and manipulation, and SFTs can be used for multiple trapping and assembly
Fig.2  Massive photothermal trapping and assembly of microparticles. (a) Schematic and (b) experimental results of massive trapping and assembly using TF [22]. (c) Schematic and (d) experimental results of massive trapping and assembly using SDF [13]
Fig.3  Massive migration of photothermal assembled particles using (a) TF [22] and (b) SDF [13]
Fig.4  Numerical calculation results of optical force on nanoparticles by the evanescent fields on surface of SDF [41]. (a)−(d) Examples of calculated optical force exerted on particles with different sizes. (e) Calculated optical force for particles with different diameters
Fig.5  Evanescent fields-based trapping and delivery of bacteria (E. coli) using SDF [43]. (a) and (b) Stable trapping of individual E. coli bacteria. (c) Long-range delivery of individual E. coli bacteria. (d) Delivery velocity as a function of optical power
Fig.6  Schematic for optical trapping and manipulation of particles using DFTs [57]
Fig.7  SFTs for single particle trapping and manipulation [19]. (a) Schematic for particle trapping and manipulation. Particles in gradient force (Fg) dominant region near the fiber end can be trapped, while those in the scattering force dominant region are driven away. (b) Simulated field distributions output from SFTs. (c) Calculated optical trapping along the longitudinal axis of the SFTs. (d) Calculated optical force and trapping potential along the transverse axis of the SFTs with distance of 4.5 mm to the fiber end
Fig.8  Optical orientation and shifting of single MWCNTs using optical fiber nanotip [67]. (a) Optical microscope image of an optical fiber nanotip. (b) Schematic of optical orientation of a single MWCNT. (c) Dark-field optical microscope images showing the orientation and shifting of a single MWCNT along the nanotip axis
Fig.9  Optical cotrapping of single UCNPs and bacteria for single bacteria labeling [70]. (a) Schematic for cotrapping and labeling. (b) Bright-field optical microscope imaging of cotrapping and labeling. (c) Dark-field imaging of cotrapping and labeling
Fig.10  Optical trapping and assembly of multiple particles by optical binding using SFTs [76]. (a) Schematic for the trapping and assembly. Particles are bound together by the cooperation of scattering force and gradient force. (b) Simulated light distributions along the assembled particle chains. (c) Calculated optical force at the end of particle chains along the central axis with different particle numbers. (d) Calculated transverse optical force at the end of the chain. (e) Examples of assembled particle chains
Fig.11  Simulation and calculation results for multiple cell trapping and assembly by optical gradient force using SFTs [79]. (a) Simulated light distributions along the assembled multiple cell chains, light can propagate along the cell chains. (b) Calculated optical trapping force for the end cell of each cell chain with different lengths
Fig.12  Optical formation of bacteria-based biophotonic waveguides (bio-WGs) using SFTs [71]. (a) Formed bio-WGs with different lengths. (b) Bio-WGs with different lengths for red light propagation. (c) Measured normalized optical power as a function of propagation distance. (d) Total loss as a function of propagation distance
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