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Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Front. Optoelectron.    2017, Vol. 10 Issue (3) : 211-238     DOI: 10.1007/s12200-017-0718-4
Review of current methods of acousto-optical tomography for biomedical applications
Jacqueline GUNTHER1(), Stefan ANDERSSON-ENGELS1,2
1. Tyndall National Institute, Lee Maltings, Dyke Parade, Cork T12 R5CP, Ireland
2. Department of Physics, University College Cork, Cork T12 YN60, Ireland
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The field of acousto-optical tomography (AOT) for medical applications began in the 1990s and has since developed multiple techniques for the detection of ultrasound-modulated light. Light becomes frequency shifted as it travels through an ultrasound beam. This “tagged” light can be detected and used for focused optical imaging. Here, we present a comprehensive overview of the techniques that have developed since around 2011 in the field of biomedical AOT. This includes how AOT has advanced by taken advantage of the research conducted in the ultrasound, as well as, the optical fields. Also, simulations and reconstruction algorithms have been formulated specifically for AOT imaging over this time period. Future progression of AOT relies on its ability to provide significant contributions to in vivoimaging for biomedical applications. We outline the challenges that AOT still faces to make in vivoimaging possible and what has been accomplished thus far, as well as possible future directions.

Keywords acousto-optic      ultrasound modulation      optical imaging      biomedical imaging     
Corresponding Authors: Jacqueline GUNTHER   
Just Accepted Date: 18 July 2017   Online First Date: 01 September 2017    Issue Date: 26 September 2017
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Jacqueline GUNTHER,Stefan ANDERSSON-ENGELS. Review of current methods of acousto-optical tomography for biomedical applications[J]. Front. Optoelectron., 2017, 10(3): 211-238.
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Jacqueline GUNTHER
Fig.1  (a) Mock speckle pattern generated to demonstrate signal with the ultrasound perturbation off. (b) A mock speckle pattern with the ultrasound perturbation on. (c) Example of frequency spectrum of output signal from light tagging in which there is the optical frequency (n0) and the side-bands shifted±the ultrasound frequency (na)
Fig.2  Two coherent mechanisms that contribute to phase change in ultrasound modulated light. (a) Phase change due to the displacement of scatterers in which light scatters off of moving particles within the ultrasound beam and causes a change in direction. Inset shows scattering displacement of an ultrasound wave with amplitude A. (b) Refraction of light between two scattering events due to changes in index of refraction. Inset shows Dn along the ultrasound axis. (c) The third mechanism involving incoherent light propagation. The ultrasound perturbation causes a change in the density of the medium, which causes a change in the optical properties
Fig.3  (a) Parameters δn and δd of the autocorrelation function versus kal. (b) The ratio of δnd compare to kal. (c) Change in αn1 and αn2 and (d) ratio of αn1/αn2 versus kal. Recreated from Ref. [8]
Fig.4  Using Eqs. (5) and (6), from the analytical model in which A = 0.1 nm, va = 1480 m/s, r = 1000 kg/m3, dn/dp = 1.466E−10 m2/N, n0 = 1.33, l = 500 nm, ms = 10 cm1, L = 5 cm, and ka = 10000 m1. Parameters were taken from Refs. [8,20]. (a) An example of the autocorrelation function (G). (b) Fourier transform of G with one of the peaks corresponding to the acoustic frequency fa0. (c) Example of In(nw) as a function of n (integer) in which the modulation depth in the example is M≈0.004. (d) Modulation depth with respect to ka with only the displacement component (Md), only the index of refraction component (Mn), and both components (Msum) considered. Modulation depth was calculated analytically and recreated from Refs. [12,20]
areatechniqueapproacheschallenge(s) addressedRef.
ultrasounddual ultrasound frequenciestwo ultrasound focispeed[41]
two-region transducerdetermine Young’s modulus[4244]
two ultrasound transducersaxial resolution[45]
pressure contrastdifferent pressure wavesdetermine scattering coefficient[46,47]
second harmonicultrasound pulse sequencesresolution and SNR[4850]
planar wavescombined with image reconstructionspeed[51]
HIFUcombined AOT and HIFUmonitoring HIFU[47,52]
microbubblesTRUME; pulsed laser speckle contrast detection; fluorescent microbubblesresolution and contrast[5355]
acoustic radiation forcelaser-speckle contrast analysistrack shear waves and estimate mechanical properties[36,5660]
opticalspeckle contrast and modulation depth measurementsparallel speckle detection; speckle contrast; nanosecond laser pulsesobtaining modulated light measurements from speckle pattern[6165]
incoherent light sourcesLED light source; imaging chemiluminescent source; bioluminescence numerical model; fluorescent objectsobservation of incoherent ultrasound modulated light[2123,66]
interferometry and heterodyne holographyCMOS smart pixel array and FT-AOI; lock-in cameraamplification of unmodulated light signal without background amplification[6769]
photorefractive crystal based detectionSn2P2S6:Te crystal; ND:YVO4 crystal; Bi12SiO20 crystal; high numeric aperture fiber bundle; photorefractive polymerdetection of modulated or unmodulated light signal[15,16,7074]
phase conjugation with photorefractive crystals and polymersTRUE with Bi12SiO20 crystal, photorefractive polymer, or Sn2P2S6:Te crystal, SLMfocus phase conjugated beam within a medium[18,7580]
focused fluorescent excitationTRUE; combining SLM-based illumination and PRC-based detection; digital phase conjugation; TROVE light; iTRUEfluorescent imaging beyond the ballistic regime (~1 mm)[8188]
quantum memory techniquesspectral hole burning; atomic frequency combfilter sidebands of signal spectrum[14,8992]
misc.acousto-optical coherence tomographycontinuously applied light and ultrasound with random phase jumpsresolution and SNR[9396]
combined with PATassist AOT:PAT guided ultrasound wavefront shapingcompensate for speed of sound aberrations[97]
assist PAT:measuring fluence with AOTcompensate for fluence variations in PAT signal[19,98,99]
commercialacquire dynamic blood flow measurementsclinical trials in humans[100102]
Tab.1  Summarization of AOT approaches and impact
Fig.5  Examples of concepts and generic configurations of the ultrasound portion of AOT. (a) Example of two frequencies (n1 and n2) forming a beat frequency (nb) with period Tb. (b) An ultrasound focus caused by two ultrasound transducers (UST) with beat frequency nb. (c) AOT configuration with two ultrasound (US) pulses of different pressure. (d) Pulse sequencing with inverted ultrasound pulses. (e) Planar wave imaging where the laser input is in the x-direction, ultrasound is propagating in the negative y-direction, and then the ultrasound is swept in the z-direction. (f) High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) used to create a lesion in the medium. (g) Imaging with microbubbles (MB) in which the microbubbles are destroyed with ultrasound which causes a change in the electric field that is detected. (h) An example of acoustic radiation force (ARF) imaging. Ultrasound propagation is in the z-direction. A shear wave propagates perpendicular (y-direction) to the ultrasound propagation. Laser light is illuminated through the shear wave (x-direction)
Fig.6  Generic examples of optical configurations that have been utilized or developed. Each setup consist of laser illumination that travels through a sample that undergoes ultrasound perturbation. (a) Speckle imaging. (b) Heterodyne digital holography, which can be configured with an acousto-optic modulator so that the reference beam matches the tagged or untagged photons (untagged shown). (c) Photorefractive crystal based interferometry. (d) Phase conjugation with photorefractive crystals (PRC). (e) Phase conjugations with spatial light modulator (SLM). The signal from the sample is detected with detector array, which is processed with the PC, and displayed on the spatial light modulator. The reference beam reflects off the SLM and back into the sample where it is refocused into the ultrasound focus and detected. (f) Fluorescent imaging. Ultrasound propagation is in the z-direction. The light is illuminated through the ultrasound focus and the sample. The light is phase conjugated back and then detected. Detector can be placed on a different surface of the sample. (g) Spectral hole burning in a rare-earth crystal (REC). The crystal is first burned with a reference beam that had been tuned to the tagged photon frequency. Then the signal is transmitted through the sample and the tagged photons that pass through the REC are detected. (h) Acoustic optical coherence tomography. The ultrasound signal undergoes random phase jumps (FUS) between 0 and p. The laser light is also amplitude modulated and undergoes the same random phase jumps (F0) as the ultrasound but with a time delay (tdelay). UST: ultrasound transducer, US: ultrasound; BS: beam splitter, M: mirror, PRC: photorefractive crystal, R: reference, R*: conjugate of reference beam, SLM: spatial light modulator, PC: personal computer, AOM: acousto-optical modulator, REC: rare-earth crystal
Fig.7  Concepts behind the different crystals used in AOT. (a) Photorefractive crystal based interferometry: A reference beam (ER) is set to a specific wavelength (i.e., frequency of the ultrasound modulated light) and travels through the photorefractive crystal (PRC) so that ER is diffracted (ED) and matches the wavefront of the signal wavefront (ES) that has the same frequency as ER. (b) Photorefractive crystal (PRC) phase conjugation. An example of an incident light wave (ES) and how light is reflected off a mirror (ES). The wavefront reverses direction and the part of the light wave that arrived at the mirror first is reflected back first. For PRC-based phase conjugation, a reference beam (ER) and its conjugate (ER*) are injected into the PRC with an incident wave ES moving to the left. The light wave is phase conjugated (ES*) in which the shape of the wavefront is retained and moves to the left. However, only the portion of ES that matches the frequency of ER and ER* will phase conjugated. (c) Spectral hole burning (SHB). For SHB, light of a specific frequency if filtered, while the rest of the light is absorbed by a rare-earth crystal (REC). The first step is to “burn” the crystal using a beam (EB) with a given frequency. For example, the REC can be burned with the modulated light frequency (optical wavelength (n0) plus the ultrasound frequency (na)). Ideally, only the signal that matches the frequency of EB will pass through the REC and be detected
AFC – atomic frequency comb
AOCT – acousto-optical coherence tomography
AOT – acousto-optical tomography
ARF – acoustic radiation force
BSO- Bi12SiO20
CNR – contrast-to-noise ratio
CUDAMCML – Compute Unified Device Architecture Monte Carlo for multi layered tissue
DA- diffusion approximation
DOT – diffuse optical tomography
FBR – focus-to-background ratio
FDTD – finite difference time domain
FT-AOI – Fourier transform acousto-optic imaging
GPU – graphics processing unit
HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound
iTRUE – iterative time-reversed ultrasonically encoded
MC – Monte Carlo
MI – mechanical index
OCT – optical coherence tomography
PAT – photoacoustic tomography
PCS – pressure contrast signal
PRC – photorefractive crystal
SBR – signal-to-background ratio
SHB – spectral hole burning
SLM – spatial light modulator
SNR – signal-to-noise ratio
SOS – speed of sound
SW-LASCA – shear-wave laser speckle contrast analysis
TROVE – time-reversal of variance encoded
TRUE – time-reversed ultrasonically encoded
TRUME – time-reversed ultrasound microbubble encoded
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