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Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Front. Optoelectron.    2017, Vol. 10 Issue (1) : 1-8     DOI: 10.1007/s12200-016-0662-8
Retinal projection head-mounted display
Junguo LIN,Dewen CHENG(),Cheng YAO,Yongtian WANG
Beijing Engineering Research Center of Mixed Reality and Advanced Display, School of Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China
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Retinal projection displays (RPDs) are an important development direction for head-mounted displays (HMDs). This paper reviews the literature on optical engineering aspects based on the data on advanced technology in RPD design and development. The review includes the principles and applications of four theories, e.g., the Maxwellian view and its modified modality and the monocular and binocular depth cues of stereoscopic objects in the physiology of the human visual system. To support the Maxwellian view and achieve retinal projection systems with depth cues, results of previous design works were summarized using different methods and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed. With an extremely long focal depth, a prototype of a full-color stereoscopic see-through RPD system was discussed. Finally, a brief outlook of the future development trends and applications of the RPDs was presented

Keywords retinal projection display (RPD)      Maxwellian view      depth cues      stereoscopic see-through     
Corresponding Authors: Dewen CHENG   
Just Accepted Date: 14 November 2016   Online First Date: 29 November 2016    Issue Date: 17 March 2017
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Junguo LIN,Dewen CHENG,Cheng YAO, et al. Retinal projection head-mounted display[J]. Front. Optoelectron., 2017, 10(1): 1-8.
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Junguo LIN
Cheng YAO
Yongtian WANG
Fig.1  Principle of the Maxwellian view
Fig.2  Normal viewing of HMD
Fig.3  (a) Dissociation between real and virtual objects [23]; (b) integration of real and virtual objects
Fig.4  Principle of the modified Maxwellian view. (a) Side view; (b) top view [23]
Fig.5  Process of obtaining thin light beams. (a) Pinhole image; (b) laser image [16]
Fig.6  Optical path of the RPD using a half-mirror [25]
Fig.7  Specification of the HOE [27]
Fig.8  Compact optics of the RPD constituted by a free-surface reflection mirror [16]
Fig.9  Schematic of accommodation [22]
Fig.10  (a) Structure of the HOE; (b) schematic of the multi-view system [29]
Fig.11  Schematic of the binocular parallax [22]
Fig.12  Stereogram of the side-by-side format
Fig.13  Universal design optical structure of the RPD
Fig.14  Schematic of the binocular stereoscopic RPD
Fig.15  Experimental symmetric prototype
Fig.16  Image by the Maxwellian view. Focuses on (a) nearby and (b) distant
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