Guidelines for Authors

Instructions for Authors

Authors are invited to contribute to Frontiers of Education in China by submitting research articles that are related to Chinese education and its global interconnections in the following areas. Other topics are also welcome and innovative methods are highly recommended, including quantitative, qualitative, experimental and interdisciplinary methods. 

Topics of Interest

     -teaching, learning and pedagogy; 
     -teachers and teacher education;
     -rural education in China;
     -teaching and learning of Chinese language;
     -educational reforms in China;
     -the history and tradition in Chinese education;
     -evaluation and assessment in Chinese education;
     -educational technology development in China;
     -minority and migrant education in China;
     -socio-cultural and economic context of education in China;
     -comparative and international perspectives on Chinese education;
     -analysis of the educational policies in China.

General Editorial Procedure

      Authors are requested to submit their articles electronically by using the following website:
      This journal has adopted a double-blind reviewing policy, meaning both the referees and author(s) remain anonymous throughout the process. Authors are therefore requested to submit two documents—a title page and a blinded manuscript—at the same time of their submission. The detailed requirements for these two documents can be found in the section of Submission (see below).

Submission Guidelines

      Please read the following guidelines carefully before submission.

      Ethical issues
      Authors submitting to the journal should not simultaneously submit the manuscript to another journal, nor should the manuscript have been published elsewhere in a substantially similar form or with substantially similar content. 
      Authors publishing in Frontiers of Education in China will be asked to sign a Copyright Transfer Statement. In signing the statement it is assumed that author(s) have obtained permission to use any copyrighted or previously published material. Authors shall agree to the conditions outlined in the statement, and co-authors must sign a Power of Attorney commissioned to the first author. Articles cannot be published until a signed Copyright Transfer Statement and/or a Power of Attorney (if any) is received by the publisher.

      Text formatting
      The submitted documents should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx, any recent version). PDFs are not acceptable.
      The submitted documents must be typed on a standard 8?"×11" (21.0×29.7 cm, size A4) white paper with 1" margins (2.54 cm) on all sides. Please use 12-point Times New Roman for the text and the lines should be double-spaced.

      The title page
      The title page should include:
      -complete contact information for all authors on a separate title page file which includes the name, affiliation*, complete street address, e-mail address, and phone numbers;
      -the article title;
      -a short form of the title as a suggested running head;
      -an abstract of 100–120 words;
      -3 to 5 keywords.

      * The affiliation information should include both the name of the university and the department/institute/center where the author is based. 
      E.g., Department of Education, XX University.

      The blinded manuscript
      The blinded manuscripts are accepted for review under the following conditions:
      -manuscripts must run between 20 and 50 pages;
      -all author-identifying information in the body of the text, endnotes, and references must be removed;
      -manuscripts should follow APA 6th style;*
      -tables and figures should be included at the end of the manuscripts following the references cited.

      *A special requirement from our journal:
      For non-English references, please write it in double languages as below.
      Wang, C. X., Zhu, B., & Gu, M. Y. (Eds.). (1982). 比较教育[Comparative education]. 北京, 中国: 人民教育出版社 [Beijing, China: People’s Education Press].
      Zhi, T. J., Ma, Y., Lei, X. F., & Cheng, H. (2014). 教师专业心态的当下特征及政策启示: 基于上海的调查研究 [The features of teacher’s professional mentality and policy implication: Based on the investigation in Shanghai]. 教育研究 [Educational Research], (2), 96–103.
      Wang, H. (2012). 小学六年级德育教科书的价值取向研究 [A study of value orientation in elementary moral textbooks] (Unpublished master’s thesis). 陕西师范大学, 西安, 中国 [Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, China].

      Note. All the punctuations in the references should be in English style.

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