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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Front. Struct. Civ. Eng.    2017, Vol. 11 Issue (3) : 322-328
Mechanical properties of rock materials with related to mineralogical characteristics and grain size through experimental investigation: a comprehensive review
Wenjuan SUN1,2,3, Linbing WANG2(), Yaqiong WANG3
1. USTB-Virginia Tech Joint Lab on Multifunctional Materials, National Center for Materials Service Safety, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, China
2. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061, United States
3. Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory for Highway Bridge & Tunnel, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710064, China
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Mechanical properties of rock materials are related to textural characteristics. The relationships between mechanical properties and textural characteristics have been extensively investigated for differently types of rocks through experimental tests. Based on the experimental test data, single- and multiple- variant regression analyses are conducted among mechanical properties and textural characteristics. Textural characteristics of rock materials are influenced by the following factors: mineral composition, size, shape, and spatial distribution of mineral grains, porosity, and inherent microcracks. This study focuses on the first two: mineral composition and grain size. ?

This study comprehensively summarizes the regression equations between mechanical properties and mineral content and the regression equations between mechanical properties and grain size. Further research directions are suggested at the end of this study.

Keywords Mechanical properties      rock material      texture      mineral characteristics     
Corresponding Authors: Linbing WANG   
Online First Date: 12 June 2017    Issue Date: 24 August 2017
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Wenjuan SUN,Linbing WANG,Yaqiong WANG. Mechanical properties of rock materials with related to mineralogical characteristics and grain size through experimental investigation: a comprehensive review[J]. Front. Struct. Civ. Eng., 2017, 11(3): 322-328.
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Wenjuan SUN
Linbing WANG
Yaqiong WANG
regression Equation material Type references
P=100 MP a, σ μ=0.90× ϕ dol+2.07×ϕ mic +269
or?????σ μ=1.07× ϕ dol +2.29 × ϕmic+ 258
carbonate rocks [ 11]
impact??????value=0.36×ϕ fel +27.63,R 2 =0.60 2
impact??????? va lu e=0.50× ϕ mic a+55.13,R2= 0.73 2
abrasion??????value=0.032×ϕ qua +3.07,R 2 =0.64 2
abrasion??????value=0.014×ϕ fel +3.00,R 2 =( 0.52 )2
coarse granite and orthogneiss aggregates [ 15]
norwegian?? ???abrasion????value=0.0245× ϕ pyr norite+ 1.648, R 2= 0.83
norwegian?? ???abrasion????value=0.0138× ϕ pyr diabase +1.042, R 2 =0.73
norwegian?? ???abrasion????value=0.037× ϕ amp +0.303 ,R 2 =0.71
sand, gravel, and hard rocks [ 16]
σc =191.887 × Cplg?+Camf C GrM + 155.341× M fel +836.322 × Mq 147.441 ,R 2 =0.811 2 volcanic rocks [ 17]
Tab.1  Regression equations between mechanical properties and mineral content
linear Regression Equation material Type reference
σ c=121.02×Q FR+115,R 2= 0.79 2
σ c=19.54×Q FR+15,R 2= 0.80 2
granite rocks [ 20]
σ c= 437.67×QFR+384.82,R2=0.54 granite rocks [ 26]
σ c=26.632×Q FR+24.459,R 2=0.3788
σ c= 0.957×Q FR+7.685,R 2=0.039
I pls =51.655×QFR+ 69.464, R2 =0.165
granite rocks [ 25]
Tab.2  Linear regression equations between mechanical properties and quartz to feldspar ratio (QFR)
category regression Equation material Type reference
linear σ c=128.52× Dmean quart z+248,R2=0.81 2
σ c=54.73× Dmean plagi oclas e+204,R2=0.83 2
σ c=21.12× Dmean Kfeldspar+20,R 2= 0.91 2
granitic rocks [ 20]
LA=24.74×Dm ean+5.81, R2 =0.6217
LA=114.23× Dmean hornb lende +7.38 ,R2=0.6377
LA=20.74× Dmean quart z+9.65,R2=0.6396
hybrid rocks [ 14]
inverse square root σ c=32.57×1 Dmea n +147.99, R2=0.9689 Marble [ 30]
σ y=σ0+ kdm
P=200 MP a,
σ d=59.2×1 Dmea n +94.9, R2=0.9857
P=100 MP a,
σ d=27.8×1 Dmea n +111.6, R2=0.9930
P=50 MP a,
σd =12.42 × 1 Dmean +115.8, R 2= 0.9978
P=20 MP a,
σ d=5.2×1 Dmea n +99.4, R2=0.9911
marble [ 31]
logarithm σ c= 1.29×log?( D mean )+5.38,R 2=0.71 granites [ 32]
exponential σ= σc+a( D mean )×[1 e b( Dmean)×P] ,
a( Dmean )=101.95+4.00× Dmean
b( Dmean )=101.981.4×log?( a(Dm ean))
different lithology [ 33]
Tab.3  Regression equations of mechanical properties and mean grain size
equation material Type reference
σ c=104.80×T C55.14 ,R2=0.92 dry rock material [ 8]
σ c=96.40×T C56.48 ,R2=0.91 saturated rock material
σ c=110.01×T C46.12 ,R2=0.62
σindt= 8.75×T C3.32 ,R 2 =0.69
sandstone, limestone, siltstone, granite, diorite [ 42]
σ c= 131.86×TC+86.20 ,R2=0.90
when 0.3 <TC<0.6
fault breccia [ 46]
σ c=106.51×T C+7.46,R2=0.93 sandstone, siltstone, marl, shale [ 44]
σ c=72.37×T C+10.38 ,R2=0.87 limestone
σ c=70.83×T C+12.83 ,R2=0.76 sandstone, siltstone, marl, shale, and limestone, based on grain features
Tab.4  Linear regression equations between unconfined compressive strength and texture coefficient
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