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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Front. Struct. Civ. Eng.    2019, Vol. 13 Issue (4) : 990-997
Bending performance of composite bridge deck with T-shaped ribs
Qingtian SU, Changyuan DAI, Xu JIANG()
Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China
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This paper proposes a new type of steel-concrete composite deck, which is composed of orthotropic steel deck (OSD) with T-shaped ribs, concrete plate and studs connecting OSD and concrete plate. The OSD can act as framework for concrete plate and contribute to load bearing capacity at the same time, which could save construction time. Compared with conventional OSD system, this new type of composite bridge deck can also improve fatigue performance.ƒConsidering that this type of composite deck is not yet applied in practical engineering and its mechanical performance is not revealed in previous literatures, two full-scale specimens were designed and manufactured in this research. The mechanical performance, particularly, bending capacity in positive and negative region was carefully tested and analyzed. The load-deflection curve, load-slip relation, strain distribution in concrete and steel were obtained. The test results showed that the plastic performance of this kind of composite bridge deck was satisfying and the bending capacity was high.

Keywords bending performance      composite bridge deck      T-shaped steel ribs     
Corresponding Authors: Xu JIANG   
Just Accepted Date: 18 April 2019   Online First Date: 07 May 2019    Issue Date: 10 July 2019
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Qingtian SU,Changyuan DAI,Xu JIANG. Bending performance of composite bridge deck with T-shaped ribs[J]. Front. Struct. Civ. Eng., 2019, 13(4): 990-997.
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Qingtian SU
Changyuan DAI
Fig.1  Dimension of the specimens (unit: mm). (a) Cross section of S-1; (b) cross section of S-2
Fig.2  Setup of the loading system
Fig.3  Layout of strain gauges of the specimen S-1 and S-2. (a) Layout of longitudinal strain gauges of the steel plate; (b) layout of strain gauges in the concrete; (c) layout of strain gauges of steel bars
name diameter/thickness (mm) yield strength (MPa) tensile strength (MPa)
design value measured value
steel bar 20 477.23 625.21
steel plate 6 5.67 377.83 543.64
steel plate 8 7.97 432.16 544.37
steel plate 9 8.99 398.64 535.72
steel plate 13 12.79 355.89 520.56
steel plate 14 13.9 375.05 539.25
Tab.1  Material properties of steel
cubic compressive strength tensile strength elasticity modulus
65.27 4.91 41556
Tab.2  Material properties of concrete (MPa)
Fig.4  Failure mode of specimen S-1
Fig.5  Failure mode of specimen S-2
Fig.6  Load versus mid-span deflection curves
Fig.7  Unit width load-deflection curves
Fig.8  Moment-curvature curve. (a) Section A; (b) section B
Fig.9  Unit width moment-curvature curve. (a) Section A; (b) section B
Fig.10  Negative bending moment
Fig.11  Positive bending moment
specimens positive moment negative moment
error calculated
S-1 763.2 742.4 2.8% 547.2 548.4 0.20%
S-2 919.5 847.5 8.5% 614.3 690.9 12.50%
Tab.3  Ultimate flexural capacity (kN·m)
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