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Frontiers of Materials Science

Front. Mater. Sci.    2016, Vol. 10 Issue (2) : 197-202     DOI: 10.1007/s11706-016-0340-1
Hydrothermal synthesis of blue-emitting YPO4:Yb3+ nanophosphor
Guangfa WANG,Linhui GAO(),Hongliang ZHU,Weijie ZHOU
College of Materials and Textiles, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou 310018, China
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The blue-emitting YPO4 phosphors doped with Yb3+ were prepared by a simple hydrothermal method. All the products were characterized by XRD and TEM, which revealed that they were zircon structure with leaf-like morphology. According to the analysis of photoluminescence spectra, upon ultraviolet (275 nm) excitation, the Yb3+ doped YPO4 phosphor showed an intense blue emission composed of two main bands at 420 and 620 nm assigned to charge transfer state (CTS) → 2F5/2 and CTS → 2F7/2, respectively. Moreover, the optimum doping concentration of Yb3+ in YPO4 phosphor was 1%, which exhibited the maximum emission intensity. The possible physical mechanism of concentration quenching was discussed, and the critical transfer distance determined to be 23.889 ?. In particular, the color purity of the as-synthesized Yb3+ doped YPO4 phosphor was as high as 83%, which made it an excellent candidate for blue-emitting materials.

Keywords blue-emitting nanophosphors      hydrothermal synthesis      luminescence      Yb3+ doped YPO4     
Corresponding Authors: Linhui GAO   
Online First Date: 29 April 2016    Issue Date: 11 May 2016
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Guangfa WANG,Linhui GAO,Hongliang ZHU, et al. Hydrothermal synthesis of blue-emitting YPO4:Yb3+ nanophosphor[J]. Front. Mater. Sci., 2016, 10(2): 197-202.
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Guangfa WANG
Linhui GAO
Hongliang ZHU
Weijie ZHOU
Fig.1  (a) XRD patterns of the Y1-xYbxPO4 (x = 0.01, 0.05, 0.10) nanocrystals. (b) Enlarged XRD patterns of some typical as-prepared samples. (c) The relationship between the cell volume and the concentration of Yb3+.
Fig.2  The TEM image of the YPO4:1%Yb3+ nanophosphor (the SAED pattern is shown as an inset).
Fig.3  (a) Excitation and emission spectra (the inset is the schematic diagram of charge transfer transsion process) of the YPO4:1%Yb3+nanophosphor. (b) The emission spectra and intensity (inset figure) of Y1-xPO4:xYb3+. (c) The plot of lgx versus lg(I/x) for Y1-xPO4:xYb3+ phosphors.
Fig.4  CIE chromaticity diagram of the YPO4:1%Yb3+ phosphor.
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