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Frontiers of Materials Science

Front Mater Sci    2012, Vol. 6 Issue (1) : 69-78     DOI: 10.1007/s11706-012-0158-4
Electrical and non-linear optical studies on electrospun ZnO/BaO composite nanofibers
1. Department of Physics, R. M. K. Engineering College, R. S. M. Nagar, Kavaraipettai 601 206, India; 2. Materials Research Centre, Department of Physics, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai 600 066, India
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Nanocapacitors and nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memories require nanoscale thin film coatings with ferroelectric properties. One dimensional ferroelectric nanofibers are used in ferroelectric memory devices owing to the fact that decrease of the dimensionality of the memory device elements will reduce the addressing and appreciably increase the storage capacity. Novel ZnO/BaO nanocomposite fibers exhibiting ferroelectric properties have been prepared in the form of non-woven mesh by electrospinning the sol derived from the sol-gel route. Thin cylindrical nanofibers of average diameter 100 nm have been obtained and their morphology is confirmed by SEM and AFM images. In the electrospinning process, the effect of the working distance on the fiber morphology was studied and it showed that working distance between 11 and 15 cm can produce fibers without beads and the decrease in working distance in this range increases the fiber diameter. Powder XRD was used to identify the phases and EDX analysis confirmed the presence of ZnO/BaO. Dielectric and non-linear optical properties have also been studied. The dielectric studies showed that ZnO/BaO composite nanofibers undergo a phase transition from ferroelectric to paraelectric at 323 K.

Keywords nanocomposite fiber      sol-gel process      dielectric property      non-linear optical property      ferroelectric property     
Corresponding Authors: SURESHKUMAR P.,   
Issue Date: 05 March 2012
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G. NIXON SAMUEL VIJAYAKUMAR,M. RATHNAKUMARI,P. SURESHKUMAR. Electrical and non-linear optical studies on electrospun ZnO/BaO composite nanofibers[J]. Front Mater Sci, 2012, 6(1): 69-78.
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Fig.1  Electrospinning set-up.
Fig.2  SEM image of fibers deposited at the working distance between 5 and 10 cm.
Fig.3  SEM image of scattered droplets deposited at the working distance beyond 16 cm.
Fig.4  SEM image of spilt solution deposited at the working distance less than 5 cm.
Fig.5  Variation of the fiber diameter with the working distance.
Electrospinning parametersOptimized values
Applied voltage18 kV
Distance between electrodes15 cm
Size of the needle opening25 G
Conductivity of the sol18.7 mS/cm
Temperature of the sol303 K
Viscosity of the sol1.23 Pa·s
Calcining temperature1123 K
Time of calcining8 h
Average diameter of fibers after calcining100 nm
Tab.1  The optimum values of electrospinning parameters
Fig.6  SEM image of PVA/zinc acetate/barium acetate composite nanofibers.
Fig.7  SEM image of ZnO/BaO composite nanofibers.
Fig.8  AFM image of PVA/zinc acetate/barium acetate composite nanofibers.
Fig.9  Powder XRD pattern of ZnO/BaO nanocomposite compared with those of ZnO and BaO.
Fig.10  Powder XRD pattern of ZnO/BaO nanocomposite compared with those of ZnO and BaO.
Fig.11  UV spectrum of ZnO/BaO nanocomposite.
Fig.12  Plot of variation of [()/(eV·m)] versus ()/eV.
Fig.13  Dielectric constant versus logarithm of frequency at different temperatures.
Fig.14  Dielectric loss versus logarithm of frequency at different temperatures.
Fig.15  Variations of dielectric constant with temperature rise.
Fig.16  Log frequency versus AC conductivity.
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