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The Mass, Fake News, and Cognition Security
Bin GUO, Yasan DING, Yueheng SUN, Shuai MA, Ke LI, Zhiwen YU
Front. Comput. Sci.
Attention Based Simplified Deep Residual Network for Citywide Crowd Flows Prediction
Genan DAI, Xiaoyang HU, Youming GE, Zhiqing NING, Yubao LIU
Front. Comput. Sci.
Tile selection method based on error minimization for photomosaic image creation
Hongbo ZHANG, Xin GAO, Jixiang DU, Qing LEI, Lijie YANG
Front. Comput. Sci.
Integrating Heterogeneous Thesauruses for Chinese Synonyms
Jianbing ZHANG, Peng WU, Yingjie ZHANG, Shujian HUANG, Xinyu DAI, Jiajun CHEN
Front. Comput. Sci.
Optimal Location Query Based on K Nearest Neighbours
Yubao LIU, Zitong CHEN, AdaWai-Chee FU, Raymond Chi-Wing WONG, Genan DAI
Front. Comput. Sci.
Ethereum Smart Contract Security Research: Survey and Future Research Opportunities
Zeli WANG, Hai JIN, Weiqi DAI, Kim-Kwang Raymond CHOO, Deqing ZOU
Front. Comput. Sci.
Information Retrieval: A View from the Chinese IR Community
Zhumin CHEN, Xueqi CHENG, Shoubin DONG, Zhicheng DOU, Jiafeng GUO, Xuanjing HUANG, Yanyan LAN, Chenliang LI, Ru LI, Tie-Yan LIU, Yiqun LIU, Jun MA, Bing QIN, Mingwen WANG, Jirong WEN, Jun XU, Min ZHANG, Peng ZHANG, Qi ZHANG
Front. Comput. Sci.
Entity Set Expansion in Knowledge Graph: A Heterogeneous Information Network Perspective
Chuan SHI, Jiayu DING, Xiaohuan CAO, Linmei HU, Bin WU, Xiaoli LI
Front. Comput. Sci.
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