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Our journal now offers four free and easy-to-use services designed to alert users as soon as new Web Edition content is published online. All methods ensure that you are alerted when new content that interests you becomes available.

TOC Alert: You can be alerted immediately when the entire contents of a new, complete issue is posted on the Web.
As Soon As Possible Published Alert: You can be the first to know when an article is posted to the Web—either the every day it is published as an Article ASAP (As Soon As Publishable) or on a weekly basis.
Topic Alert: You can be alerted immediately when the special topic contents of a new issue is posted on the Web.
Search Alert: You can be alerted immediately when the articles of a new issue with the keywords you inputed is posted on the Web.
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Video abstract for papers published by Frontiers of Computer Science
Next Generation Blockchain: Theories, Algorithms and Applications
Bioinformatics (CCF CBC2021 Award Papers)
Security and Privacy Paradigm for Big Data with Internet of Everything (IoE)
Special Section on Meta-learning: Theories, Algorithms and Applications
Smart Cities and Urban Computing
Information Security
Multimedia and Graphics
Information Systems
Networks and Communication
Theoretical Computer Science
AI Others (Artificial Neural Network,multi-agent system,Robotics,Knowledge Representation and Reasoning)
Machine Learning
Evolutionary Computation
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Natural Language Processing
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Computer Science
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