Aims & scope

       In line with the principle of supporting policy-making with rational foresight, The Strategic Study of Chinese Academy of Engineering focuses on presenting scientific advisory inputs for upholding well-grounded policymaking that is facilitated to guide the enlightened development. Dedicated to the state sound policy-making and the establishment of national think tank of engineering science & technology (EST), it is expected to be resourceful reference for relevant government departments to make informed decisions and for relating experts to make in-depth researches. This journal functions as a high-level communication platform of EST for the following objectives: disseminating and sharing strategic consulting and research outcomes; exploring contemporary issues of public interest and complexity; expanding and improving the impact and effect of noteworthy research findings; promoting relevant academic exchanges.
       This journal publishes timely, insightful and innovative papers of consultative research outcomes on EST strategies concerning three overarching aspects: comprehensive, strategic and forward-looking research in connection with major national strategic needs and vital policy issues in the economic and social progress of China; research dealing with policy decisions relating to crucial EST themes in national economic development, especially in industrial development; research on contingency plan in response to unexpected serious emergencies.
Pubdate: 2016-03-22    Viewed: 171