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Call for Papers Special Issue on Advances in theoretical and mathematical modeling of Lacustrine Sedimentology

    Sand-prone in lacustrine siliciclastic deposits is one of the major hydrocarbon exploration and development targets in non-marine basins. In recent years, lacustrine sedimentology has made great progress in the areas of source-sink system analysis, shallow-water delta, beach bar, deep-water sediments, fine-grained deposits, lacustrine carbonate, events deposits and seismic sedimentology. While the fundamental on theoretical and mathematical modeling of lacustrine sedimentology is still lack of proper investigation.

    In this special issue, we aim to collect innovation and new exploration fields of lacustrine deposits. This special issue emphasizes fundamental scientific innovation on theoretical and mathematical modeling of lacustrine sedimentology, with an emphasis on contributions which increase the basic understanding of experimental, theoretical and mathematical approaches to sediments transport, setting and consolidation in non-marine basins and their application to hydrocarbon accumulation and exploration. We invite authors to contribute original research and critical review articles related to the advances in lacustrine sedimentology by means of experimental, theoretical and mathematical approaches. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

1) Gravity flow and related deposits (hyperpycnal flows, MTDs, debris flow, sub lacustrine landslide, turbidity flow)

2) Fine grained deposition and unconventional resources

3) Modern lacustrine investigation and new insights

4) Lacustrine hydrodynamics (waves, alongshore currents, bottom currents) and related sediments

Other new advances in lacustrine sedimentology

Guest editor: Dr. Shuxin Pan,

Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, Petrochina, China


Co-Guest editor: Prof. Zavala Carlos,

Geology Department, National University of the South, Bahía Blanca, Argentina,


Co-Guest editor: Dr. Mathieu Schuster, 

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Strasbourg, France,


Co-Guest editor: Dr. Yingfang Zhou,

University of Aberdeen, UK,

Schedule for this special issue

The schedule for the submission, review, and publication of articles for this special volume is as follows:

Call for Paper: Starting from 20 June, 2022

Submission closed on: 30 June, 2023

Special Issue Publishing: 30 September, 2023

Online Submission:

*Please noted to choose the ‘Type’ as ‘Advances in theoretical and mathematical modeling

        of Lacustrine Sedimentology’ when submitting the manuscript.

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