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Call for Papers Special Issue on Holocene Climate Changes and Paleoecology on the Tibetan Plateau

Frontiers of Earth Science
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Call for Papers, Special Issue on 
Holocene Climate Changes and Paleoecology on the Tibetan Plateau
The Tibetan Plateau, known as the “Third Pole” and the “Asian Water Tower”, is a unique geographic unit on the Earth, with high elevation, sensitive response to climate forcings, fragile ecosystems, and harsh environment. The security of climate, environment, and water resources are extremely important for regional ecosystem, economic and social stability. Multi-spheric interactions is one of the key aspects in the recently proposed theme of Tibetan Plateau Earth System Sciences, which requires in-depth understanding of past changes and interactions among different spheres. This Special Issue will focus on changes in climate, environment, and ecology, which mostly occur in Earth surface spheres. We are soliciting studies on spatiotemporal patterns of climate, environment, ecosystem, and their interactions with human activities, aiming to providing scientific basis for ecosystem management and protection on the Tibetan Plateau.
This Special Issue will include, not limited to, the following topics: 
1) Verification and development of proxies for changes in climate, environment, and ecology for the Tibetan Plateau.
2) Records of changes in climate, environment, and ecology on the Tibetan Plateau.
3) Prehistoric and historical human-environment interactions on the Tibetan Plateau.

Guest Editors: 
Prof. Juzhi Hou 
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Xianyong Cao 
Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research 
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Duo Wu 
College of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lanzhou University

Dr. Mingda Wang 
School of Geography
Liaoning Normal University

Schedule for this special issue 
The schedule for the submission, review, and publication of articles for this special volume is as follows: 
Call for Paper: Starting from 15 April 2022
Submission closed on: 31 October 2022
Special Issue Publishing: Issue 2, 2023
Online Submission:
*Please noted to choose the ‘Type’ as ‘Special Issue: Holocene Climate Changes and Paleoecology on the Tibetan Plateau’ when submitting the manuscript.

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