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Water resources and environmental sustainability is crucial for human existence on this planet. A variety of approaches are used to measure, model, and/or manage water resources; these are often an important aspect of environmental sustainability. Assessment of uncertainty for water resources and environmental sustainability helps improve the understanding of earth systems.
This special issue of Frontiers of Earth Science is soliciting papers focusing on uncertainty in the areas of water resources and environmental sustainability in any part of the globe with a physical, ecological, or social science perspective, or any combination thereof. The goals of the special issue are to provide further insight into methods of quantifying uncertainty, the estimation of uncertainty in regions that have not been extensively studied, and the incorporation of uncertainty in models.


Guest Editors
Professor Steven R. Fassnacht, Colorado State University, <>
Vice Dean Professor Mingguo Ma, Southwest University, <>
Dr. Ryan W. Webb, University of Colorado, <>

Time line for the Special Issue
1. announcement circulation: December 15th, 2016
2. author expression of interest to submit (with title, author(s), key points): February 28th
3. paper submission open: March 1 to May 15
4. paper submissions are requested by June 30th
5. reviews back to authors: August 1st
6. paper revisions due: September 1st
7. notification of final acceptance: November 1st
8. final papers uploaded: November 15th
9. publication in the first issue of 2018

Submission guidelines
Before submission the authors should carefully read over the journal’s Author Guidelines, which are located at, and submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript via the journal Manuscript Tracking System at When submitting your manuscript, please select the Manuscript Type as special issue.

About the Journal

Frontiers of Earth Science is an international journal in Springer’s Earth Sciences & Geography series that started in 2007 and publishes four issues a year. The journal is viewable at <
earth+sciences+and+geography/journal/11707>. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Wei Gao of Colorado State University. [ISSN: 2095-0195 for the print version and ISSN: 2095-0209 for the electronic version] This journal is indexed in the Science Citation Index (Web of Science) and other citation indices. The first water special issue focused on Headwater Regions and will appear as the second issue of 2017.


Aims and Scope
Frontiers of Earth Science publishes original, peer-reviewed, theoretical and experimental frontier research papers as well as significant review articles of more general interest to earth scientists. The journal features articles dealing with observations, patterns, processes, and modeling of both innerspheres (including deep crust, mantle, and core) and outerspheres (including atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere) of the earth. Its aim is to promote communication and share knowledge among the international earth science communities. Thematic issues will periodically be published featuring particular areas of earth science. The scope of the journal covers a broad range of earth science topics, including, but not limited to, physical geography, geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, climatology, ecology, biology, global change, hydrology, environmental pollution, biogeochemical cycles, natural resource management, ecosystems and sustainability, land use cover and change, environmental assessment and monitoring, remote sensing, instrumentation technology, data acquisition/processing/assimilation, algorithm development, application and modeling, as well as socioeconomic drivers and societal consequences of the changing planet and its environment. Critical reviews and discussions of recently published research papers are also encouraged.

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