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FES Special Issue Call for Papers-Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

Frontiers of Earth Science

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Call for Papers, Special Issue on

Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Science and Management: New Frontiers of Research

As the Earths climate undergoes global climate changes, understanding terrestrial carbon cycling has become increasingly vital. This special issue seeks to serve as a forum for discussing the latest advances in terrestrial carbon cycling research, particularly within the context of global climate change. We welcome submissions covering a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

1) Innovative Approaches in Carbon Cycle Research: Exploring the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis and model-data fusion techniques in carbon cycle research under global climate change.

2) Modeling and Predictive Insights: Developing models and providing predictive insights into carbon and nutrient cycles in terrestrial ecosystems under global climate change.

3) Microbial Influence on Carbon and Nutrient Cycles: Investigating the role of soil microorganisms in carbon and nutrient cycles and their responses to global climate change.

4) Soil Carbon Dynamics: Analyzing the responses of diverse soil carbon reservoirs to global climate change, including responses from deep soil layers.

5) Ecosystem Multifunctionality and Biodiversity: Assessing the impact of ecosystem multifunctionality, vegetation dynamics, and plant biodiversity on the carbon cycle in response to changing climate conditions.

6) Integrative Ecological Processes: Linking aboveground and belowground ecological processes to enhance our understanding of the soil carbon cycle under global climate change.

Guest Editors: 

Prof. Ji Chen 

Institute of Earth Environment

Chinese Academy of Sciences


Prof. Yuanyuan Huang 

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research

Chinese Academy of Sciences


Prof. Xia Xu 

State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Silviculture

Zhejiang A&F University  


Important Dates 

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2024

Expected Publication: July 2025

Submission Guidelines

To submit to the special issue, please visit and select the “Type” as “Special Issue: Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Science and Management: New Frontiers of Research” while submitting your manuscript.

Please visit for submission guidelines.


If you have any questions regarding submission, please feel free to contact the Editorial Office of Frontiers of Earth Science via:

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