Dec 2010, Volume 5 Issue 4

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    Yi ZHAO, Wanzhen LIANG

    Electron transfer (ET) rate is a fundamental parameter to characterize ET processes in physical, chemical, material and biologic sciences. It is affected by a number of quantum phenomena, such as nuclear tunneling, curve crossing, quantum interference, and the coupling to the environment. It is thus a challenge to accurately evaluate the ET rate since one has to incorporate both quantum effects and dissipation. In this review article, we present several semiclassical theories proposed in our group to cover the regime from weak to strong electronic coupling. Their applications to some concrete systems are also shown.

    Xiaolin LU, Zhan CHEN, Gi XUE, Xinping WANG

    Sum frequency generation (SFG) vibrational spectroscopy has been proved to be a powerful technique which substantially impacts on many research areas in surface and interfacial sciences. This paper reviews the recent progress of applying this nonlinear optical technique in the studies of polymer surfaces and interfaces. The theoretical background of SFG is introduced first. Current applications of SFG in polymer science are then described in more detail to demonstrate the significance of this technique. Finally, a short summary is presented on this relatively new but widely applicable spectroscopic technique.