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Frontiers of Philosophy in China

Front Phil Chin    2009, Vol. 4 Issue (2) : 282-293
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Plato’s poetic wisdom in the myth of Er
WANG Keping()
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing 100732, China; Beijing International Studies University, Beijing 100024, China
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The interlink between myth and wisdom in Hellenic heritage is characteristically embodied in the Platonic philosophizing as regards the education and enculturation of the human psyche. As is read in the end of The Republic, the myth of Er turns out to be a philosophical rewriting of poetry to a large degree. For it engagingly reveals Plato’s moral inculcation, philosophical instruction and poetic wisdom in particular, all of which are intended to guide human conduct along the right track for the bliss of the postmortem cycle, and put philosophy learning into first priority for the choice of the future life. Moreover, the transmigrate experience in the mystic overtone of “the Orphic-Pythagorean conglomerate” is discussed with a intercultural reference to the Buddhist doctrines of samsara and karma.

Keywords Plato      myth of Er      law of karma      poetic wisdom     
Corresponding Authors: WANG Keping,   
Issue Date: 05 June 2009
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WANG Keping. Plato’s poetic wisdom in the myth of Er[J]. Front Phil Chin, 2009, 4(2): 282-293.
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