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Frontiers of Philosophy in China

Front. Philos. China    2006, Vol. 1 Issue (1) : 33-40
The Worldwide Significance of Chinese Aesthetics in the Twenty-First Century
Liu Qingping
Research Center for Value and Culture, School of Philosophy and Sociology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China
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Abstract Through comparisons between traditional Chinese and Western aesthetics, this article tries to explain the worldwide significance of Chinese aesthetic tradition in the twenty-first century. In contrast to cognitive rational spirit and the tendency to distinguish the subjectives and objectives of traditional Western aesthetics, traditional Chinese aesthetics shows a distinctive practical emotional spirit and a tendency to harmoniously unite human beings with nature, and believes that beauty is, first and foremost, a free state or way (Dao) of human life; the most important thing for human beings is how to make their own lives and existence beautiful. Therefore, it puts forward some persuasive and valuable insights into beauty and art, thus playing an independent and constructive role in intercultural aesthetic dialogues of the twenty-first century.
Issue Date: 05 March 2006
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Liu Qingping. The Worldwide Significance of Chinese Aesthetics in the Twenty-First Century[J]. Front. Philos. China, 2006, 1(1): 33-40.
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