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Frontiers of Philosophy in China

Front Phil Chin    2011, Vol. 6 Issue (1) : 114-133
“The Westward Spread of Chinese Philosophy” and Marxism
ZHANG Yunyi()
School of Philosophy, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai 200230, China
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Chinese philosophy was transmitted to Europe in the 18th century through “Deism,” “organic philosophy,” “pure reason,” “absolute idea,” etc., and was absorbed by modern European philosophers. Chinese philosophy has also, via German classical philosophy, directly as well as indirectly influenced Marx and been absorbed into his philosophy. There is a cultural-psychological reason for the Chinese acceptance of Marxism. However, due to the influence of Occidentalism, this period of history has long been neglected.

Keywords Chinese zeal      reason      German classical philosophy      Marxism     
Corresponding Author(s): ZHANG Yunyi,   
Issue Date: 05 March 2011
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ZHANG Yunyi. “The Westward Spread of Chinese Philosophy” and Marxism[J]. Front Phil Chin, 2011, 6(1): 114-133.
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