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Frontiers in Energy

Front. Energy    2017, Vol. 11 Issue (4) : 535-567
Surface tension of liquid metal: role, mechanism and application
Xi ZHAO1, Shuo XU1, Jing LIU2()
1. Beijing Key Lab of CryoBiomedical Engineering and Key Lab of Cryogenics, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
2. Beijing Key Lab of CryoBiomedical Engineering and Key Lab of Cryogenics, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
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Surface tension plays a core role in dominating various surface and interface phenomena. For liquid metals with high melting temperature, a profound understanding of the behaviors of surface tension is crucial in industrial processes such as casting, welding, and solidification, etc. Recently, the room temperature liquid metal (RTLM) mainly composed of gallium-based alloys has caused widespread concerns due to its increasingly realized unique virtues. The surface properties of such materials are rather vital in nearly all applications involved from chip cooling, thermal energy harvesting, hydrogen generation, shape changeable soft machines, printed electronics to 3D fabrication, etc. owing to its pretty large surface tension of approximately 700 mN/m. In order to promote the research of surface tension of RTLM, this paper is dedicated to present an overview on the roles and mechanisms of surface tension of liquid metal and summarize the latest progresses on the understanding of the basic knowledge, theories, influencing factors and experimental measurement methods clarified so far. As a practical technique to regulate the surface tension of RTLM, the fundamental principles and applications of electrowetting are also interpreted. Moreover, the unique phenomena of RTLM surface tension issues such as surface tension driven self-actuation, modified wettability on various substrates and the functions of oxides are discussed to give an insight into the acting mechanism of surface tension. Furthermore, future directions worthy of pursuing are pointed out.

Keywords surface tension      liquid metal      soft machine      printed electronics      electrowetting      self-actuation     
Corresponding Author(s): Jing LIU   
Just Accepted Date: 28 February 2017   Online First Date: 24 April 2017    Issue Date: 14 December 2017
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Xi ZHAO,Shuo XU,Jing LIU. Surface tension of liquid metal: role, mechanism and application[J]. Front. Energy, 2017, 11(4): 535-567.
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Shuo XU
Jing LIU
Fig.1  Typical applications of liquidmetal at room temperature
Fig.2  Schematic theoretical modelof Stern electrical double layer
Fig.3  Dependence of surface tensionon temperature for tin [109]
Fig.4  Dependence of surface tensionon temperature for Ga-Bi at different Bi concentrations [112]
Fig.5  Dependence of surface tensionon oxygen pressure [129]
Radius r/nm Surface tension γ/(mJ·m–2)
Na Cs Ag Ni W
0.1 131.07 38.71 659.90 1329.31 1879.50
0.5 178.00 61.89 863.08 1674.78 2389.02
1 187.09 65.38 891.23 1721.94 2458.83
2 190.43 67.17 905.54 1745.86 2494.24
3 191.62 67.78 910.41 1753.89 2506.12
4 192.21 68.08 912.75 1757.90 2512.08
5 192.57 68.27 914.20 1760.32 2515.66
10 193.28 68.63 917.10 1765.15 2522.82
20 193.64 68.82 918.55 1767.58 2526.41
30 193.76 68.88 919.03 1768.38 2527.61
40 193.82 68.91 919.27 1768.79 2528.20
50 193.86 68.93 919.42 1769.03 2528.56
100 193.93 68.96 919.71 1769.52 2529.28
200 193.96 68.98 919.86 1769.76 2529.64
194.00 69.00 920.00 1770.00 2530.00
Tab.1  Calculated sizedependence of surface tension of spherical liquid metal drops [130]
Fig.6  Surface tension measurementby typical drop shape methods
Elements T/K γ/(mN·m–1) Method Reference
Sn 560 598 Sessile drop [117]
Ni 1726 1687 Pendant drop [143]
Ti 1660 1475 Pendant drop [143]
Cu 1473 1318.1 Constrained drop [169]
Ag 1373 893.1 Constrained drop [169]
Sn90-Ag10 900 518.8 Sessile drop [110]
Sn90-Cu10 800 545.6 Sessile drop [111]
Bi46-Pb29-Sn25 368 423.5 Constrained drop [155]
Tab.2  Surface tensionmeasured by using drop shape methods
Fig.7  Surface tension measurementby the pendant/sessile drop combined method
Fig.8  Sketch for a capillary wavescattering system [196]
Fig.9  Liquid metal droplet insideelectrolyte
Fig.10  Tiny motors injected froma large liquid metal droplet
Fig.11  Liquid metal mollusk movingby itself
Fig.12  Force generated from theliquid metal
Fig.13  Force of self-driving motionsgenerated from the liquid metal
Fig.14  Schematic diagram of theexperimental configuration and some snapshots of different foldingpatterns
Fig.15  Ionic gradient driven flowof a liquid metal
Fig.16  Delivery and printing ofliquid metal inks using the tapping-mode technique
Fig.17  Dual-trans printing of aliquid metal
Fig.18  Liquid metal printed on skin
Fig.19  Injectable packaged electrodein a transparent pipette tip
Fig.20  Dispersion and regressionof liquid metal sphere
Fig.21  Liquid metal on the graphite
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