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Frontiers in Energy

Front. Energy    2008, Vol. 2 Issue (2) : 140-144
Experimental study on velocity characteristics of recirculation zone in humid air non-premixed flame
GU Xin, ZANG Shusheng, GE Bing
School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
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Abstract To examine the effect of the flow field within the recirculation zone on flame structure, the characteristic velocity fields of methane/humid air flame in non-premixed combustion behind a disc bluff-body burner were experimentally studied by particle image velocimeter (PIV).The results show that two stagnation points exist on the centerline in the recirculation zone flame. However, the distance of the two stagnation points in humid air combustion shortens, and the minimal dimensionless velocity increases compared with the conventional non-humid air combustion. In addition, the positional curves of the minimal velocities can be partitioned into three phases representing three different flame patterns. The analysis of axial minimal velocities on the centerline and their positions under different co-flow air velocity conditions reveals that fuel-to-air velocity ratio is the crucial parameter that governs humid air combustion flame characteristics.
Issue Date: 05 June 2008
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GU Xin,ZANG Shusheng,GE Bing. Experimental study on velocity characteristics of recirculation zone in humid air non-premixed flame[J]. Front. Energy, 2008, 2(2): 140-144.
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GU Xin
ZANG Shusheng
GE Bing
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