Frontiers of Economics in China

Guidelines for Authors

◆ Papers (in WORD or PDF) should be written in English only and submitted online at (for users based in Mainland China, we recommend you use Google Chrome or a higher version of IE to log in on the online portal).

◆ Manuscripts complying to FEC's submission instructions will enter the reviewing process, otherwise a notification of revision or rejection will be given to their author(s).

◆ Manuscripts submitted to FEC are not subject to any page charges or article processing charges.

◆ Only original papers are acceptable. Submission of the same paper to multiple journals is NOT permitted. Once such a case is established, the paper(s) in question will be immediately rejected and its author(s) will be blacklisted for a period of one year.

To submit your work, you will have to create your own account first: (1) Click on Create Account; (2) Follow the on-screen instructions; (3) Fill in the requested details before proceeding; (4) Your username will be your email address and you will have to input a password of at least 8 characters in length and containing two or more numbers; (4) Click Finish and your account has been created.

The form and content of the manuscript should be carefully checked to avoid the need for corrections at the proof stage. Submissions must be typed double-spaced according to the following format:

1. The "Title Page" file, which is solely available to the editorial staff, should contain: (i) the title of the paper, (ii) a suggested running head (abbreviated form of the title), (iii) the full names of the authors and (iv) their positions at relevant institutions (e.g., Associate Professor at Fudan University), (v) the addresses of the institutions at which the work was carried out, together with (vi) the full postal and email address plus telephone number of the author to whom correspondence about the manuscript should be sent, (vii) an abstract in English of no more than 300 words, (viii) between three and six key words, and (ix) between three and five JEL codes, (x) acknowledgements.

2. The "Main Document" file should include all contents of this manuscript EXCEPT the authors' personal information. This file, along with the "Abstract" (you can either input the contents or upload a file including the Abstract), will be available to the reviewers during the peer review process.

3. Sections should be numbered by Arabic numerals, potential subsections in the form 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.2, etc.

4. Figures are to be numbered consecutively in the form Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. Preferably, the figures should be professional quality computer graphics. Figures should be captioned informatively, so that they can be understood without referring to the text. Figures must be reproducible on an appropriate scale, typically half a page to a quarter page. Legends with an unreadable small font and too thin lines must be avoided.

5. Tables are to be numbered separately from the illustrations. Each table should have a short title. Tables should contain only horizontal separators and a double horizontal bar on top. Vertical separators are not acceptable.

6. Formulas should be numbered consecutively on the right-hand side of the page in the form (1), (2), etc.

7. References in the text and in footnotes should follow the author-date format, for example (Akerlof, 1970; Arrow, 1963). References should be typed in the following format:

Akerlof G (1970). The market for "Lemons": Qualitative uncertainty and the market mechanism. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 84(3): 488–500

Zweifel P, Manning W G (2000). Moral hazard and consumer incentives in health care. In: Anthony J. Culyer and Joseph P. Newhouse (eds.), Handbook of Health Economics, 150–183. New York, NY: Elsevier

Chen Zhao, Lu Ming, Jin Yu (陈钊, 陆铭, 金煜) (2004). Regional disparity of human capital and education in China (中国人力资本和教育发展的区域差异). The Journal of World Economy (世界经济), (12): 25–31

8. The source of financial grants and other funding must be acknowledged. The contribution of colleagues or institutions should also be acknowledged. Personal thanks and thanks to anonymous reviewers are not appropriate. Acknowledgements (if specific names of people are mentioned) should be provided in the "Title Page" file during the reviewing process, and put between the text and the references after the paper is accepted for publication.

9. For accepted papers: to facilitate formatting and typesetting, the authors need to provide either the WORD version or the LaTex file of the finalized paper. You can access the templates by clicking on “Download Templates” on the left-side toolbar.