Author FAQs

Question 1: What is the turnaround time for a submission?

Answer 1: 
In normal cases, the reviewing process takes about 2-4 months, depending mainly on how soon we can arrange suitable reviewers for a paper and how soon we can receive the referee reports. Generally speaking, the turnaround time for revised papers (1-2 months) is a little bit shorter than that for the original papers.
Question 2: How many reviewers do you usually arrange to review a submission?

Answer 2:
For a revised paper, however, as not all the former reviewers are willing to referee the revision, the number of reviewers might be reduced to 1, or 0. In such cases, we will find new reviewers (which means the turnaround time might be as long as that for the original version), if the editor in charge of the paper does not have time to handle it himself/herself.
Question 3: I submitted a paper a month ago. Why is the manuscript status still “awaiting reviewer assignment”?

Answer 3:
It is not always easy to find the suitable reviewers in a timely manner. There are times when we have to contact 5-10 scholars before finally getting 2 of them to agree. The online submission and review system is so set that unless 2 scholars have accepted our review invitation, the manuscript status will not change from “awaiting reviewer assignment” to “under review”. It is possible that our editor decides to review a paper himself instead of finding a (second) reviewer, which is more common for a revised paper. We believe that the authors have every right to learn the latest progress of their submissions. Please feel free to contact the editorial office ( at any time if you have any queries.
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