Frontiers Journals

Front. Environ. Sci. Eng.. 2017 Vol.11 (3): 2-

A column study showed woody media reduced liquid waste volume compared to gravel.

Mixtures of torrefied wood and biochar improved nutrient concentration reductions.

Total N ...

Quant. Biol.. 2017 Vol.5 (1): 55-66

Background: Synthetic microbial consortia are conglomerations of genetically engineered microbes programmed to cooperatively bring about population-level phenotypes....

Quant. Biol.. 2017 Vol.5 (1): 67-75

Background: The CRISPR-Cas system is a widespread prokaryotic defense system which targets and cleaves invasive nucleic acids, such as plasmids or viruses. So far, a great number...

Front. Mech. Eng.. 2017 Vol.12 (1): 1-2