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中国工程科学    2018, Vol. 20 Issue (3) : 80-89
Orginal Article
我国燃煤发电CCS/CCUS 技术发展方向及发展路线图研究
叶云云1, 廖海燕2, 王鹏2, 王军伟3, 李全生4
1. 神华浙江国华浙能发电有限公司,浙江宁波 315612;
2. 神华国华(北京)电力研究院有限公司,北京 100025;
3. 广东国华粤电台山发电有限公司,广东台山 529228;
4. 国家能源投资集团有限责任公司,北京 100011
Research on Technology Directions and Roadmap of CCS/CCUS for Coal-Fired Power Generation in China
Yunyun Ye1(), Haiyan Liao2, Peng Wang2, Junwei Wang3, Quansheng Li4
1. Shenhua Zhejiang Guohua Zheneng Group Power Generation Co., Ltd., Ningbo 315612, Zhejiang, China;
2. Shenhua Guohua (Beijing) Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing 100025, China;
3. Guangdong Guohua Yuedian Taishan Power Generation Co., Ltd., Taishan 529228, Guangdong, China;
4. National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd., Beijing 100011, China
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我国目前是世界第一大碳排放国,煤炭占我国能源消费碳排放的75% 以上,面临较大的减排压力。本文提出了碳捕获和埋存/ 碳捕获、利用和埋存(CCS/CCUS)技术发展方向,按时间节点制定了我国CO2 捕集技术和输送技术发展路线图、CO2 化工、微藻生物制油和矿化等利用技术发展路线图;对2020、2030、2050 年可能达到的全国碳排放量进行测算,对节能降耗、调整能源结构、CCS/CCUS 技术对CO2 减排的贡献度进行了评估,并提出了推广应用建议。


China is currently the world’s largest carbon emitter, and faces great pressure in emission reduction, with coal accounting for more than 75% of China’s carbon emissions in energy consumption. In this paper, development directions of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) / carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology in China are researched and proposed, roadmaps for CO2 capture technologies and transportation technologies, CO2 chemical industry, and micro-algae bio-oil production and mineralization technology are developed by time nodes, national carbon emissions that may be achieved by 2020, 2030, and 2050 are calculated, contributions of energy saving and consumption reduction, energy structure adjustment, the CCS/CCUS technology to CO2 emission reduction are evaluated, and recommendations for popularization and application of the CCS/CCUS technology are proposed.

Keywords coal-fired generation      carbon capture, utilization and storage      technology roadmap      emission forecast      policy proposal     
发布日期: 2018-10-08
Yunyun Ye
Haiyan Liao
Peng Wang
Junwei Wang
Quansheng Li
Yunyun Ye,Haiyan Liao,Peng Wang, et al. Research on Technology Directions and Roadmap of CCS/CCUS for Coal-Fired Power Generation in China[J]. Strategic Study of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2018, 20(3): 80-89.
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