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中国工程科学    2016, Vol. 18 Issue (2) : 55-60
国家海洋局海洋发展战略研究所,北京 100860
Theory and Practice of Maritime Power
Wang Fang
China Institute for Marine Affairs, Beijing 100860, China
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摘要 本文通过论述海洋在中国特色社会主义事业总体布局中的重要地位,探讨新时期海洋强国的丰富内涵,认为应构建和谐海洋的理论体系,把中国发展与人类共同利益辩证统一起来,创立和平走向海洋新模式,坚持互利合作共赢的基本原则,落实依海强国富民的战略任务,促进海洋经济、海洋科技、海洋环境、海上力量全面发展,走出一条互利共生、永续发展的强国之路,建设有中国特色的海洋强国。
关键词 中国特色海洋强国强国富民    
Abstract: By discussing the importance of martime power in the overall narrative of the Chinese socialism, this paper explores the potent connotations of creating and wielding such power in this new era. This study outlines the foundations of a theoretical system of harmonious maritime power that will be made a reality to support the development of China and the common interests of all human beings, which should be operated in consultation with other nations on a dialectical level. Futhermore, it also argues that China should adopt a new model of peaceful marine development, adhere to the basic principles of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, implement the strategic task of enforcing the country and enriching the people through ocean development, as well as promote the overall development of the oceanic economy, marine science and technology, marine environment and maritime forces. Finally, this paper introduces the idea of transforming China into a new maritime power that is “strong, but not tyrannical”, which require a new approach to maritime power development with Chinese characteristics featuring mutual benefits and sustainable development.
Keywords Chinese characteristics      maritime power      strengthening the country and enriching the people     
PACS:  P79  
通讯作者: 通讯作者: 王芳, Email:中国海洋强国的理论与实践   
发布日期: 2016-02-20
Wang Fang
Wang Fang. Theory and Practice of Maritime Power[J]. Chinese Journal of Engineering Science, 2016, 18(2): 55-60.
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