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中国工程科学    2016, Vol. 18 Issue (1) : 106-113
1.南方粮油作物协同创新中心,湖南农业大学,长沙 410128;2.中国农业大学,北京100083
Study on the Carbon Sink Function of Crop Production in Typical Agricultural Areas of China
She Wei1,Huang Huang1,Guan Chunyun1,Chen Fu2,Chen Guanghui1
1.Southern Regional Collaborative Innovation Center for Grain and Oil Crops in China, Hunan Agriculture University, Changsha 410128, China;2.China Agriculture University, Beijing 100083, China
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摘要 我国是一个农业大国,研究我国典型农作区作物生产碳汇对于估算区域碳收支和制定应对气候变化的管理政策有重要的意义。全国6个典型农作区中主要农作物生产整体表现为碳汇。同一区域内不同作物的碳汇量差异明显,同一作物在不同区域之间差异显著。全国年土壤有机碳储量整体表现为碳汇,不同区域年土壤有机碳储量的范围为–2.07 TgC·y–1~19.95 TgC·y–1。
关键词 作物生产固碳减排措施碳汇功能    
Abstract:China is a big agricultural country. The research on the carbon sink function of crop production in China’s typical agricultural areas plays an important role in estimating the regional carbon budget and making management policies to tackle climate changing issue. The production of staple crops can be generally reflected by their carbon sinks. The carbon sinks of different crops in the same area differ greatly, and the carbon sink of the same crop also differs in different areas. The national annual reserve of soil organic carbon can be generally embodied in its carbon sink as well. The annual reserves of soil organic carbon in different areas range between –2.07 TgC·y–1 and 19.95 TgC·y–1.
Keywords crops production      measurcs of carbon sequestration and emission reduction      carbon sink     
PACS:  S3  
通讯作者: 通讯作者: 佘玮, Email:我国典型农作区作物生产碳汇功能研究   
发布日期: 2016-01-20
She Wei
Huang Huang
Guan Chunyun
Chen Fu
Chen Guanghui
She Wei,Huang Huang,Guan Chunyun, et al. Study on the Carbon Sink Function of Crop Production in Typical Agricultural Areas of China[J]. Chinese Journal of Engineering Science, 2016, 18(1): 106-113.
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[1] Yu Shuxun,Zhang Lei,Feng Wenjuan. Study on Strategy of Large Scale, Mechanization, Informationization, Intelligence and Social Services for Cotton Production[J]. Chinese Journal of Engineering Science, 2016, 18(1): 137-148.
[2] She Wei,Huang Huang,Guan Chunyun,Chen Fu,Chen Guanghui. The Current Carbon Sink Structure of China’s Staple Crop Production and Its Optimization Approach[J]. Chinese Journal of Engineering Science, 2016, 18(1): 114-122.
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