Just accepted manuscripts

Submission Agreement

By selecting YES as your response to this item, you agree to adhere to the submission requirements listed below and understand that 

      1. The authors, editorial office, or staff can NOT change this designation after the manuscript has been accepted.
      2. The accepted manuscript will be delivered to the FESE Web site on average 48 hours of acceptance.
      3. The corresponding author will receive the galley proof in due course after the manuscript has been technically edited.
      4. Errors in the Just Accepted manuscript will be corrected during technical editing and galley proof review. The version of the Just Accepted manuscript already posted to the FESE Web site will not be revised.
      5. The Just Accepted manuscript will be replaced by the Online First (As Soon As Publishable) version of the article as the official record for the literature.
      6. Just Accepted manuscripts will appear in full as PDF documents accompanied by brief metadata. They can be cited using their Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).
      7. Just Accepted is an optional service. Therefore, the FESE Web site may not include all articles that will be published in FESE journals. After a manuscript is edited and formatted, it will be removed from the FESE Web site and published as an Online First Article.
      8. Technical editing may introduce minor changes to the manuscript text and/or graphics that could affect content, and all legal disclaimers and ethical guidelines that apply to the journal pertain. FESE cannot be held responsible for errors or consequences arising from the use of information contained in these Just Accepted manuscripts.

Submission Requirements

Manuscript Components

To ensure a consistent Web presentation and rapid Web publication for Just Accepted manuscripts, we request that the final manuscript components be collated in the order noted in the journal's Author Guidelines. Supplementary Information should be saved and uploaded in separate files. The main manuscript text, references, figures, figure legends, and tables will be posted online. Other associated files (TOC Graphic, Supporting Information, etc.) will be published when the article is published as an Online First Article and/or in an issue. 

Copyright and the Journal Publishing Agreement

A completed and signed Journal Publishing Agreement is required. Authors should carefully review the instructions for Copyright Transfer Statement-FESE-2013.pdf or Copyright Transfer Statement-FESE-2013(In Chinese).pdf. Manuscripts lacking completed and signed copyright forms will not be published as Just Accepted manuscripts.
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