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  • Lihong ZHAO, Yanan TIAN, Yonggang SHA, Jinghua LI
    Front Elect Electr Eng Chin, 2009, 4(1): 1-4.

    To improve the classical lossless compression of low efficiency, a method of image lossless compression with high efficiency is presented. Its theory and the algorithm implementation are introduced. The basic approach of medical image lossless compression is then briefly described. After analyzing and implementing differential plus code modulation (DPCM) in lossless compression, a new method of combining an integer wavelet transform with DPCM to compress medical images is discussed. The analysis and simulation results show that this new method is simpler and useful. Moreover, it has high compression ratio in medical image lossless compression.

  • Fig.2 Prediction model of DPCM system
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