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Landscape Architecture Frontiers

Landsc. Archit. Front.    2018, Vol. 6 Issue (6) : 62-65
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Thoughts on Synergetic Development of Watershed Management and Regional Economy
Qingping ZHU()
PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources; Professional-Level Senior Engineer; Vice President and Principal of Eco-Planning and Design of Beijing Orient Landscape & Environment Co., Ltd.
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Zhu Qingping, the interviewee, is a prominent expert in China’s watershed management. Starting with the modes of China’s watershed management and the changes of water management philosophy, Zhu emphasizes that watershed management often involves various factors, including public resources, infrastructure construction, ecosystems, historical and cultural traditions, and population, all of which shall be taken into consideration as a whole. The interview then goes to the management of the Yellow River Basin, where Zhu explains the impacts between river flows and urban development, suggests a great opportunity for development the cities in the lower reaches of Yellow River Basin have, and proposes an idea of building a national ecological and cultural belt along the river. He further argues that watershed management requires collaborations across industries, disciplines, and administrative regions and divisions. He also believes that public engagement and maintenance plays an important role in watershed management and an intelligent water / watershed management system needs to be established by networking integrated big-data platforms to facilitate a more intelligent and coordinated water resource management while better ensuring water security at varied scales.

Keywords Watershed Management      Regional Economy      Public Resource      Synergetic Development      Yellow River Basin      Intelligent Water / Watershed Management System     
Corresponding Authors: Qingping ZHU   
Issue Date: 25 January 2019
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Qingping ZHU. Thoughts on Synergetic Development of Watershed Management and Regional Economy[J]. Landsc. Archit. Front., 2018, 6(6): 62-65.
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