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Landscape Architecture Frontiers

Landsc. Archit. Front.    2019, Vol. 7 Issue (4) : 130-138
Seeing from Above: Observation of Contemporary Dike-Pond Landsca pe
Mengxiao TIAN()
Doctoral Candidate of Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong
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A dike-pond landscape is characterized by asymbiotic and interacted relationship between water and land and considered an integration of human settlements with an aquacultureagriculture system. The Pearl River Delta has historically enjoyed a rich river network and been shaped by the mosaic-like constructed ponds with the meandering natural river systems, where the boundary of the constructed and the natural blurred and a resilient dike-pond landscape prevailed. However, the increasing demand for land resource during urbanization and industrial development has made such a landscape shrunk and surrounded by urban sprawl. The expansion of human settlements has not only changed the water-land symbiosis but also reshaped the pattern of the dike-pond landscape. This article, as an ongoing work, intends to observe and document the changes of such water-related landscapes from a different perspective, “seeing from above,” with historical satellite photos, Google Map images, and contemporary aerial drone photography. It discovered three important transformations: the settlement sprawl and transformation, the shrinking dike surfaces and imbalanced ratio of dike to pond, and the disappearance of the organic pond pattern. These findings can evoke critical studies on the dialectical relation between urbanization and ecology, and offer possibilities of re-creating a sustainable landscape in the Pearl River Delta.

Keywords Dike-Pond Landscape      Pearl River Delta      Water-Land Relationship      Agriculture-Aquaculture Ecosystem      Satellite Image      Drone Photo     
Corresponding Authors: Mengxiao TIAN   
Issue Date: 23 September 2019
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Mengxiao TIAN. Seeing from Above: Observation of Contemporary Dike-Pond Landsca pe[J]. Landsc. Archit. Front., 2019, 7(4): 130-138.
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