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Journal of Translational Neuroscience    2018, Vol. 3 Issue (3) : 32-34
Review |
A call for development: neurorehabilitation services
Peter A C Lim1,2*
1.Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road 16908, Singapore
2.Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 77030, USA
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Abstract Physical medicine and rehabilitation focuses on the management of medical and functional consequences of disease and injury including relief of pain. The aging of populations worldwide presents an impending need for expansion of specialized healthcare services including neurorehabilitation. Stroke is a common neurological disease associated with aging, and resulted in 113 million Disability Adjusted Life Years lost worldwide in 2013. The medical rehabilitation team is well suited to manage the different aspects of disability and functioning, with significant benefits in terms of quality of life, societal and financial returns. Neurorehabilitation capacity building is important, along with establishment of standards for training, credentialing, accreditation, and continuing professional education.
Keywords physical medicine and rehabilitation      physiatry      aging      stroke      capacity-building      education      training     
Issue Date: 07 January 2019
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Peter A C Lim. A call for development: neurorehabilitation services[J]. Journal of Translational Neuroscience,2018, 3(3): 32-34.
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