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Frontiers of Philosophy in China

Front. Philos. China    2020, Vol. 15 Issue (2) : 270-292
To Anchor a Pure De Se
ZONG Desheng()
Department of Philosophy, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai 200433, China
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A significant number of philosophers in the recent debate regarding the case of de se subscribe to two theses—an existence thesis and an ascription thesis, as I call them. Whether or not these philosophers are correct, I show that given these two theses, there is conceptual space for what I call in this paper “the case of pure de se,” i.e. de se attitudes and de se content ascribed with the use of sentences made up entirely of indexicals. The type of de se case that has been the focus of the on-going debate turns out to be a derivative case, more appropriately called “mixed de se.” For those who are committed to the existence thesis and the ascription thesis, the existence of pure de se poses an explanatory challenge. In this paper I develop an account of pure de se, centered on the notion of anchorage.

Keywords de se      pure de se      mixed de se      anchorage     
Issue Date: 09 July 2020
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ZONG Desheng. To Anchor a Pure De Se[J]. Front. Philos. China, 2020, 15(2): 270-292.
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