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2D materials for photonic applications

Guest Editors: 
Prof. Jianji Dong, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Prof. Zhipei Sun, Aalto University, Finland
Two-dimensional (2D) materials possess sheet-like structures with the thickness of only single- or few-atoms. They exhibit exceptional electronic and optical properties due to quantum confinement in the direction perpendicular to the 2D plane. Meanwhile, they can be combined despite of different layer numbers and compositions, or integrated with photonic structures such as waveguides and cavities. The development and exploration of various kinds of 2D materials in the recent years lead to various photonic devices with superior performance and functionalities. In order to promote research on the light–matter interaction in 2D materials and the related applications for light generation, propagation, modulation, and detection, Prof. Jianji Dong (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) and Prof. Zhipei Sun (Aalto University, Finland) are planning to organize a special issue on 2D materials for photonic applications, expected to be published in the second issue of Frontiers of Optoelectronics in 2020.
This special issue will cover the most recent progresses in physics and applications of photonic devices involving various 2D materials. The topics include, but are not limited to: 
Light-matter interaction in photonic structures with 2D materials
Electronic and optical properties of heterostructures of 2D materials
Photonic and optoelectronic devices based on 2D materials, including lasers and light emitting diodes, photodetectors, optical modulators, waveguides, etc.
Optical nonlinearities in photonic structures with 2D materials and optical signal processing devices
Valley-selective circular dichroism in 2D materials and photonic devices with polarization control functionalities
Terahertz devices based on 2D materials
Plasmonic devices and metamaterials based on 2D materials
Optical sensors based on 2D materials for medical and biological applications.
Article types include: review article, research article and letter. 
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Prof. Jianji Dong 
Prof. Zhipei Sun