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Optical generation of UWB pulses utilizing Fano resonance modulation
Zhe XU, Yanyang ZHOU, Shuhuang CHEN, Liangjun LU, Gangqiang ZHOU, Jianping CHEN, Linjie ZHOU
Front. Optoelectron.
Dimensionality engineering of metal halide perovskites
Front. Optoelectron.
Possible top cells for next-generation Si-based tandem solar cells
Shuaicheng LU, Chao CHEN, Jiang TANG
Front. Optoelectron.
Fe3O4 nanoparticle-enabled mode-locking in an Er3+-doped fiber laser
Xiaohui LI, Jiajun PENG, Ruisheng LIU, Jishu LIU, Tianci FENG, Abdul Qyyum, Cunxiao GAO, Mingyuan XUE, Jian ZHANG
Front. Optoelectron.
Highly stable and repeatable femtosecond soliton pulse generation from saturable absorbers based on two-dimensional Cu3−xP nanocrystals
Haoran MU, Zeke LIU, Xiaozhi BAO, Zhichen WAN, Guanyu LIU, Xiangping LI, Huaiyu SHAO, Guichuan XING, Babar SHABBIR, Lei LI, Tian SUN, Shaojuan LI, Wanli MA, Qiaoliang BAO
Front. Optoelectron.
Surfactant-assisted doctor-blading-printed FAPbBr3 films for efficient semitransparent perovskite solar cells
Hangkai YING, Yifan LIU, Yuxi DOU, Jibo ZHANG, Zhenli WU, Qi ZHANG, Yi-Bing CHENG, Jie ZHONG
Front. Optoelectron.
On-chip silicon polarization and mode handling devices
Yong ZHANG, Yu HE, Qingming ZHU, Xinhong JIANG, Xuhan Guo, Ciyuan QIU, Yikai SU
Front. Optoelectron.
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