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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering

Front Mech Eng    2013, Vol. 8 Issue (1) : 70-79
Kinematic, workspace and singularity analysis of a new parallel robot used in minimally invasive surgery
Alin STOICA, Doina PISLA(), Szilaghyi ANDRAS, Bogdan GHERMAN, Bela-Zoltan GYURKA, Nicolae PLITEA
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, RO-400114 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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In the last ten years, due to development in robotic assisted surgery, the minimally invasive surgery has greatly changed. Until now, the vast majority of robots used in surgery, have serial structures. Due to the orientation parallel module, the structure is able to reduce the pressure exerted on the entrance point in the patient’s abdominal wall. The parallel robot can also handle both a laparoscope as well an active instrument for different surgical procedures. The advantage of this parallel structure is that the geometric model has been obtained through an analytical approach. The kinematic modelling of a new parallel architecture, the inverse and direct geometric model and the inverse and direct kinematic models for velocities and accelerations are being determined. The paper will demonstrate that with this parallel structure, one can obtain the necessary workspace required for a minimally invasive operation. The robot workspace was generated using the inverse geometric model. An in-depth study of different types of singularity is performed, allowing the development of safe control algorithms of the experimental model. Some kinematic simulation results and the experimental model of the robot are presented in the paper.

Keywords parallel robot      minimally invasive surgery      kinematics      simulation     
Corresponding Author(s): PISLA Doina,   
Issue Date: 05 March 2013
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Alin STOICA,Doina PISLA,Szilaghyi ANDRAS, et al. Kinematic, workspace and singularity analysis of a new parallel robot used in minimally invasive surgery[J]. Front Mech Eng, 2013, 8(1): 70-79.
Fig.1  Kinematic scheme of the parallel robot
Fig.2  Parallel module
Fig.3  The angles and
Fig.4  Simulation results for the kinematic model of parallel structure
Fig.5  Singularity Type I corresponding to Case 2
Fig.6  Singularity Type II corresponding to Case 3
Fig.7  The reachable workspace of the parallel robot (isometric view)
Fig.8  Section view in the workspace, parallel with the plane at = 0
Fig.9  Experimental model of the parallel robot
Fig.10  Experimental model of the parallel module
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