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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering

Front Mech Eng    2013, Vol. 8 Issue (3) : 291-297
Fundamental buckling of circular plates with elastically restrained edges and resting on concentric rigid ring support
Lokavarapu Bhaskara Rao1(), Chellapilla Kameswara Rao2()
1. School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University, Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road, Chennai 600127, Tamil Nadu, India; 2. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus, Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad 501506, A.P, India
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This work presents the existence of buckling mode switching with respect to the radius of concentric rigid ring support. The buckling mode may not be axisymmetric as previously assumed. In general, the plate may buckle in an axisymmetric mode but when the radius of the ring support becomes small, the plate may buckle in an asymmetric mode. The optimum radius of the concentric rigid ring support for maximum buckling load is also determined. Introducing internal rigid ring support, when placed at an optimal position increases the elastic buckling load capacity by 149.39 percent. The numerical results obtained are in good agreement with the previously published data.

Keywords buckling      circular plate      elastically restrained edge      rigid ring support      mode switching     
Corresponding Author(s): Rao Lokavarapu Bhaskara,; Rao Chellapilla Kameswara,   
Issue Date: 05 September 2013
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Lokavarapu Bhaskara Rao,Chellapilla Kameswara Rao. Fundamental buckling of circular plates with elastically restrained edges and resting on concentric rigid ring support[J]. Front Mech Eng, 2013, 8(3): 291-297.
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