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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering

Front Mech Eng    2013, Vol. 8 Issue (2) : 118-126
Dymola-based multi-parameters integrated optimization for high speed transfer system of LED chip sorter
Jie OUYANG(), Bin LI, Shihua GONG
School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China
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To enhance the performance of high speed transfer system of LED chip sorting equipment, its control parameters need to be well matching with the mechanical system. In practical issues, it is difficult and time-consuming work to get these parameters matched because their selection is strongly depended on individuals. In current work, an integrated optimization method was carried out to solve this problem, in which the multiple control parameters optimization, modeling and simulation were included, i.e., a multi-domain model of transfer system performed on Dymola platform. Based on this model, the searching area of the key control parameters was narrowed by performing integrated optimization. After that a group of parameters were selected from this narrowed area to perform the equipment’s controls. The result showed this method possesses a simple and reliable nature. The optimal solutions also indicated that the optimized control parameters can well satisfy the requirements of transfer system. On the other hand, it greatly reduced the engineering adjustment time by using this method.

Keywords LED chip sorter      multi-domain modeling and simulation      parameter optimization      modelica language     
Corresponding Author(s): OUYANG Jie,   
Issue Date: 05 June 2013
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Jie OUYANG,Bin LI,Shihua GONG. Dymola-based multi-parameters integrated optimization for high speed transfer system of LED chip sorter[J]. Front Mech Eng, 2013, 8(2): 118-126.
Fig.1  Chip transfer diagram
Fig.2  (a) Local three-dimensional model of LED chip sorter; (b) the real objects of transfer mechanism.
Fig.3  Equivalent block diagram of transfer system
Fig.4  The analytical model of PMSM
Fig.5  Model of PMSM
Fig.6  Model of inverter
Fig.7  Current control model
Fig.8  Model of mechanical module
Fig.9  Model of transfer system
Parameter nameParameter sign
Position loop gainKp
Speed loop gainKv
Speed feedforward gainKvf
Tab.1  Key parameters
Fig.10  Chip sorting timing
Fig.11  Response curve
Fig.12  Contour map at = 0.1
Fig.13  Contour map at = 0.3
Fig.14  Contour map at = 0.5
Rated torque of motor8.59 N·M
Inertia of load and rotor19.6 kg·cm2
Command type90° Ramp
ACC and DEC time40 ms
Tab.2  Starting conditions
Fig.15  Simulation curves
Fig.16  Practical curves
Setting time(Ts)63 ms65 ms
Tab.3  Technical parameters contrasting
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