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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering

Front Mech Eng    2012, Vol. 7 Issue (2) : 135-149
Contribution to the design of robotized tele-echography system
1. PPRIME Institute, CNRS-University of Poitiers, UPR 3346, France; 2. PRISME Laboratory, PRES Loire Valley University, Orleans, Bourges, France
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This paper introduces the design of a master-slave robotized system for tele-ultrasound application. The objective of these researches is to design the slave manipulator of this system and its control device (master part). The specification process of the architecture kinematic is based on the analysis of expert’s gesture during ultrasound examinations. These studies have been carried out using a motion capture system. The medical gestures were analyzed in terms of ultrasound probe attitude and used in the definition of the kinematics specifications of the proposed manipulator. The Spherical Parallel Mechanism is selected because its characteristics meet the constraint requirements. The optimal synthesis of spherical parallel manipulators is performed using a real-coded Genetic Algorithm based method. Simulations on the actuator responses of the structure allowed us the validate it. In order to control this robot, we have also designed a haptic device that provides easiness to use as well as force feedback. Its orientation control strategy is based on a use of an adaptative kalman filter which efficiency was demonstrated during experimentations.

Keywords tele-echography      motion capture      spherical parallel mechanism      genetic algorithm      adaptative kalman filter     
Corresponding Authors: LARIBI M. A.,   
Issue Date: 05 June 2012
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T. ESSOMBA,M. A. LARIBI,J. P. GAZEAU, et al. Contribution to the design of robotized tele-echography system[J]. Front Mech Eng, 2012, 7(2): 135-149.
Fig.1  Slave manipulator of the ESTELE robot
Fig.2  Reflective markers set on the expert’s hand and on the ultrasound probe
Fig.3  Reconstruction of several detected markers into segments. (a) Expert’s arm;(b) expert’s hand;(c) ultrasound probe
Fig.4  Terrestrial and ultrasound probe reference frame
Fig.5  Representation of the Euler angles
Fig.6  Construction of the ultrasound probe reference frame
Euler angle /(°)
max: ψmax: θmax:φ
Portal Vein34.6341.4677.34
Tab.1  Maximum orientation values of a ultrasound probe during a standard examination act
Fig.7  The joint graph of the 3 RRR SPM
Fig.8  Solid representation of the 3 RRR SPM
Fig.9  Definition of design parameters. (a) A single branch RRR; (b) a mobile platform
Fig.10  A general scheme for binary representation and evaluation of manipulator orientation workspace
Fig.11  Flow chart for GA method
Design vector
Workspace volume253.8β9.22°
Tab.2  The optimal parameter of spherical parallel mechanism.
Fig.12  An optimal Spherical Parallel Mechanism
Fig.13  New haptic device operated under SMAR environment
Fig.14  Embedded equipment of the “dummy probe”
Fig.15  Reference frame and axis of the “dummy probe”
Fig.16  Application of the Kalman Filter
Fig.17  Force control and feedback.
Fig.18  (a) CAD of fourth axis; (b) fourth axis integrated to PROSIT 1
Fig.19  (a) Experimentations on the DP; (b) virtual representation of the DP under Nexus environment
Fig.20  Construction of the DP reference frame
Fig.21  Experimentation results of the Adaptative Kalman Filter.
Fig.22  Influence of the measurement error covariance on the Kalman Filter (Zone )
Fig.23  Example of experimented movements
Fig.24  Evolution of the Cardan angles corresponding to a given movement of the DP
Fig.25  Evolution of the Euler angles corresponding to a given movement of the DP
Fig.26  Evolution of the actuator coordinate of the SPM corresponding to a given movement of the end effector
Fig.27  Evolution of the actuator coordinate of the SPM corresponding to a given movement of the medical expert
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